Vastu Shastra tips to follow and avoid while building pooja room in your home

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Every house is incomplete without a pooja – or prayer – room. This sacred room is not only a part of the house, it also spreads positive energy. But this auspicious room must adhere to the rules of vastu shastra to protect it and eventually the whole house from negative energies. Sticking to these guidelines will not only eliminate negative energy but also enhance and attract positive energies. Today, we have brought for you some advice from our professional Vastu experts to build a perfect pooja room in your home. Have a look!

1. Location of pooja room to make it Vastu compliant

The location of pooja room is important to make it Vastu compliant. The best direction to build the pooja room is in the North-East corner of your home. However, if in your home this direction is not available for pooja space, you can build the pooja space in East or West direction of your home. Also place the idols and images of God in the east or west of the pooja room. If the pooja room is in kitchen, place it in North-eastern corner so that you are facing east when praying. Ensure that pooja room is never in the South direction of your home. It should never be in this direction to avoid attracting negative energy.

2. Rooms in home to avoid while building pooja room according to Vastu

Also avoid building the pooja space or room in the store room, bedrooms, basement, first or above floors and above or below the toilets or kitchen. Similarly, in case of staircase Vastu, it is considered highly inauspicious to build a mandir under the stairs. If you have no other option than building the pooja space in bedroom, ensure that while sleeping, the feet are not pointing towards the pooja space. Also in bedroom use the north-east corner to build the pooja space. However, remember that placing a mandir in the bedroom should be a last resort.

3. Placement of pooja room in big house according to Vastu

If your home is of more than one floor, build the pooja space on the ground floor and at the centre of the home. The centre of the home is very auspicious for pooja and prayer.

4. Placement of idols according to Vastu

Place the idols and images of God a few inches away from the walls. Don’t make them lean on the walls and keep it in good condition. Immerse the statue if it is broken. Always keep the images and idols clean.

5. Things to avoid while placing the idols in the pooja room according to Vastu

The idols and statues should never face towards the south. Also there shouldn’t be any broken idol or old statues of God from old temples in the temple of your home. Construct a proper temple or protruding shelves to place the idols and images. Idols should never be placed on the niches of wall. Avoid placing the idols directly in front of the entrance door of the pooja room.

6. Doors of the pooja room according to Vastu

If there are doors or windows in the area, as per pooja room Vastu they should be in the North or East walls. The door of the pooja room should preferably be of good quality wood and have two shutters.

7. Light and colours to be used in pooja room according to Vastu

When it comes to the ideal colours, puja room Vastu recommends white or light shades of yellow or blue. Soft white or yellow light is great to create an auspicious and perfect environment for pooja and meditation. If you have a lamp in pooja space, keep it in south-east or eastern side of the room.

8. Using marble to make it a pious pooja room according to Vastu

To make the space more auspicious decorate the pooja space with a generous dose of marble, white or yellow it doesn’t matter as far as it is pure and pristine marble.

9. Details to be considered to make it a Vastu compliant pooja room

Define the pooja room right from its entrance. The entrance of the pooja room should have a threshold which should preferably be slightly at the elevated height from the rest of the room. Construct the ceiling of the pooja room in the shape of pyramid. The pyramid shape is very auspicious to have in pooja space. The havankund or Agnikund of the pooja room should be in South-east corner.

10. Decoration to avoid in pooja room according to Vastu

Do not hang the images of violence or battles or any image showing negative emotions in the home especially anywhere near the pooja room. Remember that your pooja room should not have any pictures of animals or birds on the walls or even engraved on the doors. Don’t keep anything in pooja room that do not belong there or are not used for the rituals.

11. According to Vastu, the important things to consider in the pooja room

Though it is quite prevalent in Indian homes to have images of deceased ancestors hanging in pooja room, however, according to Vastu shastra this should be strictly avoided.

Never keep a dustbin in or near the pooja room; not even outside the entrance of the room where you have built your pooja space.

Remember that your pooja room is a place for prayer and meditation. Do not use it for hiding place your money and valuables. In fact avoid keeping any money here.

Have a look at these Vastu tips to increase positive energy in your home.

Some more Vastu tips

While installing a pooja room in the house, especially in one that has limited space, storage for prayer accessories becomes a significant concern. From religious books to lamps, wicks, small artificial garlands and other everyday prayer essentials, a proper space is required for all of them so that the pooja room remains neat and uncluttered. Whether your mandir is in the hallway, living room or anywhere else, while designing storage cabinets, make sure that they are in the south direction and not installed above the idols.

Although it is not ideal to position a pooja room in the kitchen, those who have small houses can place the mandir in the kitchen but make sure that it is Vastu complaint. In the kitchen, the mandir should not be kept near the stove or under the sink. The north-east corner is considered as the best direction in the kitchen for placing your mandir. To design a beautiful mandir in this direction, you can always consult the professionals.

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