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Light can alter and set the mood and ambiance for a space in a flick of a switch. However, it can also just be a necessary and mundane appliance if creative design is not applied. This idea guide offers some tips and ideas on how to make your very own simple yet creative lighting. With just a few other simple and non-inexpensive materials, beautiful lights and lamps can be created. It's always more fun and satisfying to create your own decor anyway. When you do things yourself, you have the chance to make it personal and customize it just the way you like it. You can also match the lighting with the style or look you're trying to portray in your interior design and decorations. 

We hope you will be inspired to create your very own DIY lights and lamps through the brilliant ideas featured in this idea guide. Let's browse through these ideas together shall we? 

Used recessed lighting for special effects

A simple extra layer of yellow light can add a delightful effect to a regular ceiling. Adding colours around your ceiling edges can make it look like a cloud and have fluffy soft shadows that illuminate the space with a comforting glow. You can also paint the edge or add glitter to them for extra effect.

Use a tree stump as the base of a lampshade

If you happen to come across a tree stump or know where to find one, take it home and use it as the base for your lampshade. This will create a natural lamp shade will bring wooden elements and a rustic feel to your interiors. If a tree stump is not available, you can also use a nice piece of rock or crystal if you prefer. 

Browse through lighting designs here on homify for more new ideas and refreshing inspiration. 

Empty bottles as lamp shades

One of the most convenient and practical things you can use as lamp shades are empty bottles. You can use your favourite wine bottle or perhaps a jam jar with sentimental value. Some things you just don't want to throw away anyway, so you might as well put it to good use and make it beautiful. 

The intricately sculpted lamps pictured here is designed by Saffrane, designers and decorators based in Maastricht, Netherlands. 

Paint the paper cups and put little bulbs inside

Rita 400 pendant - raw .. Eclectic style dining room Metal Lighting

Paper cups may seem flimsy and useless except for a one time use at a party where somebody couldn't be bothered to wash dishes. However, actually they can be used to create a myriad of different decorative elements to beautify your house. Simply paint and sprinkle some glitter on the paper cups to give them a fanciful chic appeal. You can also add beads, seeds, or even fabric or anything else you can find. 

Attach empty jars to a platform with bulbs inside and hang it

Another great tip for a lighting style that is currently very popular is hanging multiple empty jars attached to a platform with bulbs inside. The idea is to create a bit of harmonious chaos with cables hanging all over the place. This style is iconic of the industrial design and shabby chic style. 

Combine pieces of stick asymmetrically to have a postmodern skeleton for your lamp

Mood lighting which creates interesting shadows on the wall are the big thing now, and while some of them can cost thousands of dollars, you can also make them on your own. 

To make a simple mood light on your own, just combine several pieces of sticks and branches asymmetrically to have a postmodern skeleton for your lamp. You may need to try it several times to create the desired shadow and effect. Most importantly, get a high voltage light so that your shadows are clear rather than blurry. 

Don't throw away those cupcake papers, just put some little bulbs inside

Who doesn't love cupcakes? So then who wouldn't love cupcake lights right? This is a great idea for the kitchen or as a special decoration for a birthday party or wedding party. Using cupcake papers as lamp shades can add a festive flavour to your setting. 

We hope you've enjoyed this idea guide as much as we have. For more home tips, inspiration, and ideas, have a look at 6 steps to DIY your perfect kitchen storage shelves.

Which DIY lighting idea do you like best? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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