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7 storage ideas for your kitchen

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Preparing homemade meals is a big part of any Indian home. For this, you need to have a kitchen which is fully functional. A space that lacks an adequate amount of storage can never be turned into a proper kitchen. That is why in today's ideabook, we are going to show you seven storage designs, that can be incorporated in any kitchen. Taking inspiration from these pictures, will allow you to make full use of the available space in your room.

1. Below the kitchen counter

The first storage option is the most common one, which is creating cabinets below the counter. This way you will be able to cover the entire area between the floor and the kitchen counter. Besides, you can even play up with the specification of the units, in order to, create custom drawers and pull out racks.

2. Corner kitchen drawers

Most people leave out the corners of their kitchen, which can be considered as wasting precious floor area. However, by opting for corners drawers you will be able to utilize the dead space as well. These drawers can be used for storing smaller items like spoons and ladles.

3. Above the kitchen counter

Creating a storage unit above the counter is also an excellent way of increasing space. However, you should remember to put these units on a level, where you can reach them easily. Besides, you can even consider opting for glass doors for such units, so that, you can see what is kept inside.

4. Ceiling kitchen cabinets

In case you want to utilize every inch of your kitchen, then try opting for ceiling cabinets as well. They can be placed on the extreme end of your wall, so that, it gives you space for objects that are not used regularly. Besides, similar kitchen storage cabinets can also be used for other household items which you use only once a year like decoration lighting.

5. In the kitchen island

Kitchen islands have become very popular in Indian homes as well. One way of making it multifunctional is by incorporating storage on both sides of the island. Even if the depth of your island is not too much, you can opt for narrow shelves. This can be used for storage as well as decoration purposes.

6. Decorative kitchen shelves

In case you want a kitchen storage option that doubles up as a designer one as well, then similar looking shelves are an ideal choice. These L shaped shelves can be created above your existing cabinets and can be used for holding objects like glassware and mugs.

7. Kitchen wall hooks

Lastly, if you do not have a big kitchen then try incorporating similar wall hooks to cater to your storage needs. These hooks can be used for hanging kitchenware like serving spoons, cups, as well as linen. Besides, they do not take a lot of space and are removable.

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