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Want a hotel style bathroom? It's easier than you thought

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One of the best things about checking into a hotel is using the bathroom. All clean and sparkling, bathed in soft light, who doesn't want to lounge in the bathtub drenched in aromatic oils and read a good book or enjoy a glass of wine? Do you want this experience more often than an occasional holiday? Well creating a hotel style bathroom at home is easier than you think. Here are 6 simple tips that can help to turn your regular bathroom into a corner of bliss in your home.

White, but not everywhere

black guest room Bedroom by V I N A I S M

black guest room


First and foremost use white indulgently, but not just white. Using a fair amount of white in the bathroom will give it a airy, spacious feel like a hotel bathroom, but using only white can make it look dull. So mix and match a few colours with white to break the monotony, but still maintain the hotel like beauty of it. The subtle use of yellow in this bathroom designed by VINAISM has given it a pretty yet chic hotel like feel.

Seating area

One of the things that's almost always there in a hotel bathroom, but never at home, is a seating area. Be it a plush armchair like here, or a more practical wooden bench, or even a waterproof rubber pouf, include a comfy seating area in your bathroom. Whether you want to spoil yourself with oils and creams, or just read a magazine with your feet soaked in the tub, a seating area will give your bathroom a spa like blissful feel.

A tub is a must

A bathroom can not feel hotel like without a tub. So invest in a good tub and choose its shape as per the size of your bathroom. If you have a big bathroom you can opt for a round or square shaped tub, but if you have a small bathroom you should go for a oval or rectangular bathtub. If you don't have space for a bathtub to be built or fitted into a corner, you can keep it on a wooden slab like the bathtub here.


Another simple thing that changes the look and feel of a bathroom is the lighting. If you want a hotel style bathroom opt for soft white or yellow lighting. Be it in the form of spotlights on the ceiling, beams on top of the mirror, indirect lighting around the bathtub or even lamps with glass or ceramic finish like the one's here in this charming 50's hotel style bathroom.

Use your favourite scents

Smell triggers memories and a simple trick to make you feel you are in a hotel bathroom, is to use scents that remind you of it. Be it a nice bottle of potpourri, an uncorked bottle of some exotic oil or a bunch of scented candles, you can use many things to give your bathroom a more hotel bathroom like smell. You can even keep fresh flowers in your bathroom to lend it a fresh feel.

Plants and flowers

A bunch of flowers in the bathroom like lilies, orchids or daisies not just makes it smell nice, but also makes the bathroom look more lively. If you are concerned about frequently changing fresh cut flowers, you can keep indoor plants instead. Certain plants like Alove Vera, Spider plant or Snake plant need very little water and care, look nice and also help to purify the air. If you want to keep some plants in your bedroom, here are 6 suggestions.

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