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Why the rustic style works for your home

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The rustic style has a connection to the past that creates an emotional attachment to history and heritage. In order to create a better future a person must know where they come from. In short, this means that a person must be aware of their past in order to have a a clear direction about their future. That is where the rustic style lies: comfortably nestled in a cosy and nostalgic reminder of the past. This style is based on rugged elements that only have a few markers of human work. Strong beams made of wood and metal are components of the rustic style. There is also a use of natural fabrics such a wool, cotton, leather and linen as reminders of Nature just like wicker baskets and stone enhanced decorative elements on walls. There can also be rustic notes in a decor inspired by a barn or a farm house. The idea is to recreate a setting where things are comfortable and inviting. A rustic style will be delving in a past world where man worked at a time where modern machinery was not yet introduced.

Barn style

Lucky 4 Ranch Uptic Studios Rustic style living room
Uptic Studios

Lucky 4 Ranch

Uptic Studios

Some might say that mankind had a simpler life when technology was not yet introduced everywhere, a time situated before the Industrial era. There is a great appeal to the rugged and cosy atmosphere that a rustic decorated room has. In the current image there is a wonderful example of how a living room can be inspired by a barn. This inspiration can be found in the sturdy dark tinted wooden beams all over the room. There is also a delightful wheeled carriage that has been transformed into coffee table for this living room. The natural fabrics of cotton and wool can be found in the furniture and the earthy coloured rug. The wood elements and the warm colours are reminders of a Nature element. The earthy colour tones are exactly within the colour pallet that is present in a rustic styled room. This design has been made possible by Uptic Studios.

Why rustic style works

The rustic style is founded on a reminder of the past and the use of natural materials. Some find great comfort in reminiscing the olden days where things might have been easier and slower than the hustle a bustle that is known in today's urban cities. A Nature filled room can promote peaceful respite and bring people together to enjoy some time in an inviting and rugged atmosphere. This style can appeal to those wanting to have a connection with Nature as well as those who like the almost untouched look of natural materials like wood and stone. The image shown here is a rustic styled kitchen where a sturdy traditional wood fire oven stands proudly in the room. The rounded wooden beams present in this kitchen  frame the room and give it much character. Also, having variations in tints, such as the creamy white paired with the warm chestnut brown of the wooden beams, givesa textured effect to the room.

Warm colours

To attain a rustic style in a home, earthy colours must be included in the equation. After choosing the layout of the room, then comes the colour pallet choice. This means that the tints chosen for a rustic style must be reminders of colours that are readily found in Nature. Warm earthy colour tones such as dark red, brown, stony beige, charcoal grey or any colour that is a reminder of the soil of the Earth are always comforting and inviting colours. This is what the designers have brought out in this living room: an atmosphere full of warmth. The solid beams have been painted a dark red to give depth to the room. The beige stone walls and the floor have also been included into the decor of the room to obtain a rustic feel. To complete the lot, a leather seat and a wooden decorative piece have been added for an earthy look.

Organic forms

A few touches of organic forms throughout the room can suffice to recreate a rustic style atmosphere for the home. The image shown here is a great example to show that. The decor is made of natural elements such as the wooden table and storage unit under the window. The wooden boxes as well as the creamy beige present on the wall are a reminder of Nature which is in accordance to the rustic style. Another type of rustic infused decorative element is found in the lamp hung over the table. It is a wicker basket that has a new life as a lampshade for this dining room. Using organic materials such as wood or wicker will augment the overall comfortability of a room. One can always feel more at home in a decor with natural materials than surrounded with glass and steel. Placing wicker baskets here an there in a room gives an organic charm and appeal to the home as well as bringing a rustic atmosphere.

Rough-hewn beams

When choosing to follow a rustic style decor for the home or just one room, one of the most important factors to consider is the beams that support the foundations and the roof of the house. Rough-hewn beams in a rustic decor are beams that have been left barely untouched from a human hand. To illustrate this, the image shown here is a great example of howrough-hewn beams: tree trunks have been sanded down or polished and used right away in the home. The overall effect is one of such beauty because there is a clear marker for Nature which is found in the tree trunks that are the ceiling support beams. The rugged wonder of beams such as these transport a person standing in this room in another world: the past. Paired with some stone walls, these sturdy beams make for a stunning rustic styled room.

Fabrics with texture

Another important element to the rustic style is the use of natural fabrics that have much texture. Sturdy cotton, wool and leather are fabrics that change the look of the room. In older times, only natural fabrics were used and they were made in a way that had to resist the test of time which explains why thick cotton or wool was used. The image shown here is an ideal inspiraration for those seeking to recreate a rustic atmosphere. The drapes and the fabric covering the sofas are made of a sturdy cotton and tinted to add a little zest of colour to the room. Old leather and wool could also be introduced into the decor of this room as a definitereminder of the rustic style. A wool carpet would also fit marvellously well with the rest of the decor in this room.

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