How to create a happy home

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Creating a happier home will not cost you a fortune, instead, it will assure you peace of mind and a cheerful vibe. You also don't need to have a big home or be a professional or interior designer to make your home into your own little happy place. Today's article will give you some great tips on how to improve your home on a budget. Some of the ideas here don't even cost any money, they just take a tiny little bit more effort. You will be surprised what a difference you can make in your home with just a little bit of inspiration. Taking the time to create a positive vibe in your home can significantly impact the mental and emotional well-being of the residents. It also shows that no matter how simple and modest your home is, you have taken the effort to make it nice. It doesn't necessarily take fancy furnishings or expensive decorations to make your home worthy of praise. It just takes a bit of creativity and time, and we're here to help you so why not give it a try…

1. Natural light

Generally, a lack of sunlight can make people feel melancholic. So it's very important to make sure that you allow as much light into your home as possible. Opt for lighter sheer curtains that allow natural light to flow through them rather than heavy, thick curtains which block out the light. If you have blinds or shutters, pull them up at least partially. If privacy or too much sunlight isn't a problem for you, then go with bare windows without any blinds or curtains. Open the windows to get some fresh air in as well.

If you don't get enough natural light in your home, you can install lights which feature LED technology that is fairly close to sunlight (like the ones they use to grow hydroponic plants).

2. Colour

Your home doesn't have to be super-colourful to be cheerful, but splashes of colour here and there could definitely help to lift the spirits. Colours have a psychological effect on us and can affect our moods. High energy colours like yellow can have a very cheerful effect on a room, while cooler colours like blue or green can have a more calming effect. The trick is to balance out the bright colours with neutral colours or pastel colours. Remember, you don't necessarily have to paint a wall yellow, you can just add a carpet or cushions with yellow accents… sometimes less is more when it comes to playing with colours.

3. Make the bed

A simple habit like making the bed every morning not only gets you a little more active for the rest of the day, but also gives you a little reward when you come back home exhausted at the end of the day and you have a nice clean and neat looking bed waiting for you.

4. Personalize the bathroom

If you don't live alone, sometimes the bathroom is the only space you get to have all for yourself. It is the perfect private place to get a little me time and revitalize yourself, so personalize the bathroom by turning it into a more cosy room in the home. You can hang up pictures, put up a happy quote that you like or have scented candles and some of the little favourite things that you love in the bathroom. For more inspiration, check out some of these bathroom designs.

5. Add more greenery

Having plants in your home have been shown to reduce stress levels and enhance positive moods, so try to add as much greenery as possible to your home. Just a few potted plants can make a lot of difference. If you don't have much time to care for the plants, choose low-maintenance plants like succulents or cacti. You can also add other natural elements to your home like stones, crystals and shells which don't require any care at all. Even just a small touch of nature can add a sense of calmness to your home.

6. Make your home smell good

Smell has a very strong impact on our mood. A pleasant smell can enhance our mood significantly, while unpleasant smells can irritate us and disturb us. There are many ways you can make your home smell good from incense sticks to scented candles. You can even get electrical smell diffusers which are great for essential oils and are more child-friendly.

7. Add softness

Adding soft textures to a room can make it more cosy and welcoming. For example, in the bedroom pictured here some soft, sheer material has been draped on the wall as an alternative to a bed headboard. Remember, textures are important. So even a small rug on a hard wooden floor or some floor cushions can make the space more cosy.

8. Clear up the clutter

Clutter can make us feel restless and unsettled. Clearing up the clutter can do wonders to clear up the clutter in your own head and heart sometimes. It's also much nicer to come home to a neat and clean home than it is to come home to a mess isn't it? The house also seems more spacious and organized, which even if in the most minuscule sense, can make life seem a little less overwhelming.

The best way to maintain a clutter-free home is to have a specific place for everything and to make sure that everything is put back in its place. We also highly recommend getting rid of stuff you haven't used for more than a year. Cleaning the house won't seem like such an arduous task if you just clean and organize a little regularly.

We hope the tips here have been helpful. For more ideas, have a look at these stunning colour combinations for Indian living rooms.

Do you have any other tips on how to create a happy home? 

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