How to make your Puja room shine with these elements

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A Puja room is often the center of an Indian household. It is the center of positive energy into the house. People light diyas and incense sticks on a daily basis, morning and evening to maintain the flow of positive energy into the home. The Puja room is conventionally small, and is conventionally visited one person at a time, as it is generally a place to meditate. Interior architects pay special focus on this room, and you should discuss in advance where in the house you want your puja room. Know more about the vastu of your home.

When you already are spending so much time in your puja room every day for maintaining the positivity, why not make it radiate the positive energy from the appearance as well. In this ideabook we shall take you through some simple elements that can brighten up your puja room and make it shine in style and creativity. Read to find out what these elements are.

A pious pathway

A puja room is considered to be pious, and people never enter inside with their slippers or shoes, and take them off right outside. What if you could have a small pathway to the temple that leads up to the door, keeping the puja room in sight but still a little distance away. You could decorate this pathway with natural elements like river bed stones and plants, or could place pictures of your favorite deities on the walls. You could light up the pathway even when you need to close the lights of the puja room to have it faintly lit.

Patterned walls

You would hardly need any privacy when you are in the puja room, so why not get creative with the walls. Patterned walls with a jali in a holy shape will make the puja room walls a decorative element for your house, and make the room appear textured and beautiful. Having air to pass through will also be great for the incense sticks and other fragrances that diffuse from the puja to spread in the house.

Minimalist puja room

A simple puja room, with a simple idol of a deity, a mat to sit and other necessary elements constitute a minimalist puja room. Minimalism helps meditation to a great extent and when you love to spend time trying to connect to the superior power. Soothing colors, simple elements and a rug for sitting is all you need for a minimalist puja room. See 7 beautiful puja room designs to inspire yourself.

Steps to place the Deity

There is a concept of holding God above us at all times, and making small steps does create that feeling. You could create stairs in stone or wood as you want, and can even create drawers for the temple items storage in the stairs itself. You could have the pictures of deities or any background of your choice at the back. Wallpapers are also available these days that have mantras or shlokas written on them which you can use as a backdrop for your puja room.

Wall with illuminated bells

Temples have a classic characteristic, the temple bell. All devotees ring the bell while coming and leaving. The basic purpose of bell is the resonance of the sound that exudes positive energy in and around the temple. You could create the same ambiance in your home Puja room, by creating a wall or a door out of wood with hanging bells and concealed lights.

Use of natural stone

The most beautiful temples in India are all built in stone. Marble is such a dominant factor in the construction of temples that the stone exudes piousness in itself. A white marble flooring, and white marble walls have almost turned into a symbol of temple. A similar ambiance is created by the pink stone, that is native to the state of Rajasthan, and represents royal grandeur. You could use stone in your home's puja room as well, and make it look more like a real temple.

Backlight through agate

Your puja room might look very attractive with a back light that emerges through agate in the backgound. Use ethnic motifs like om, swastik or any other religious symbol to create a bright and beautiful puja room, whose doors you would never want to close. See 7 ideas for bhajan room in your house.

Golden dol with hanging bells

Gold is the color of royalty. Why not add some royal ambiance to your puja room by placing a big golden statue and golden lights an golden bells. For this arrangement to work as beautifully as it looks in this picture, the gold has to have a contrasting background. You could use pink stone, or white marble or dark wood to make your puja room look majestic. Here are 5 exceptional pooja room designs.

Earthen and rustic puja room

If you are a fan of rustic style, this earthen and rustic inspired pooja room is sure to woo you. Use a log of wood, or a natural rock to keep the deity's statue. Keep the other elements simple by using textured fabric and textured walls. You would also love having a wooden floor in your temple for the rustic feel, that makes even sitting on the floor comfortable, without worrying much about the weather.

Pillars outside your Puja Room

Create something exceptional with the help of wood or with plaster of Paris. These pillars stand out in the entire home decor and create a grand entrance for the puja room, signifying that the Lord is above all. You could create pillars with plaster of Paris too, if wood seems expensive, and get it painted like wood, or in gold as you would like.

When you can not have a room

These last three options will help you create a puja room even when your house does not have enough space for it. When there is no space to have a complete Puja room, you can take out some in the corridor or the hallway and make a small sitting place for the deity with wood, marble or any other element of your choice. You can do the worship while standing, but this will definitely create a room for the deity in your home.

A small wooden room

You could get a small wooden temple structure created that could actually fit another small temple. And though you will not enter this wooden room yourself, you still have the appearance of a room, in which you have kept your deity. Use ethnic bells, lamps, diyas decor all in Gold against a dark background, and you will have a majestic looking puja room(small though) for your home.

A Puja Corner

When there is just no scope for a room, you can just create a corner for the puja. This little setting shall inspire you to get creative. See 10 creative puja units for small homes. As they say where there is a will there is a way!

Which elements did you like for your puja room?

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