8 Bathrooms that will give you serious design goals

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Apart from your bedroom, the bathroom is the next place you spend a lot of time in. Design wise, a bathroom deserves just as much importance as the rest of the home. Designers usually try to continue the theme of the bedroom into the bathroom as well. However, we believe that a bathroom should have an exclusive design, to make a comfortable space. Let’s look at the 8 most popular design ideas.

Compact and stylish

Even with limited spaces, there is opportunity to play around with the design. This bathroom has been decorated with a very elegant colour scheme. White never goes out of style, and this bathroom design is just another great example of that. 

Playing with space

When there is a lot of space, there is a lot of room to play with the design, and that is a great thing for designers. They get a blank canvas and paint it with their design skills. The luxury bathtub is enclosed with marble panels. There is a separate shower section made of glass, along with a stunning marble countertop with sink.

Glass and earthy tones

homify Modern bathroom

This combination is quite unique, since most designers prefer to go with basic tones of white in a bathroom. The earthy toned tiles used in the bathroom are textured. So if you look at it from far, it almost looks like wood panelling. The transparent glass enclosure keeps the rest of the bathroom dry and usable.

Textures and light

This bathroom is a uniquely designed place, with the different colours used in the entire design. On one side, we have the pristine white bathroom, with simple and elegant furnishings. A set of drawers, a sink and other accessories are on this side of the bathroom. On the other side is a beautiful shower area, with colourful tiles decorating the entire space. 


The monochrome bathroom is perfect for those who want modern design in their homes. The marble bathroom has a couple of steps, with a mirror panel separating it from the rest of the bathroom. The black and white tiles create the perfect contrast.

Functionality in play

At the end of the day, a bathroom has a to be comfortable and functional. This bathroom is stylish and functional, as we can see. There is a shower panel on one side, with a shelf for bath products and accessories.

Indoor and outdoors

This unusual design opens into the outdoors. The panel is made from bamboo sticks. This creates a more open space with more sunlight and air coming into the room. The wooden flooring, combined with the marble flooring looks perfect together.

Essential textures

homify Tropical style bathroom Quartz Amber/Gold

An important part of the design is the texture and colour of the materials used in the bathroom. This is exactly why it is necessary to pick the right marble or tiles. Here, we have this beautifully textured natural marble that is used on the walls to create a stunning effect in the bathroom.

Here is another ideabook, in case you are eager to explore more ideas— What does a perfect bathroom need?

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