Add charm and elegance to your home with wood flooring

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There are numerous ways to add a certain pizzazz to the interiors of your home. Budget plays an important role despite the fact that you can pick from several designs. Designers and homeowners consider all these aspects before picking the right style for your home. Natural materials are quite popular because of the unique look that you can create. Wood flooring is often used by designers to give an earthy and rustic feel to any home. While it is a modest yet strong design element, homeowners should be aware of the care that is involved. Woodpecker Flooring offers some wonderful ideas to add style and class to your homes with ceramic wood flooring.

Fuss-free maintenance

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Woodpecker Flooring

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Woodpecker Flooring

One of the biggest advantages of using a wood-effect in tiles is the fuss-free maintenance. Ceramic tiles are made after exposure to high heat and this makes the tiles far more resistant to scratches or fracture. Since there are several colours and patterns available, you can explore options and use gloss or a matte finish to accentuate them even further. Such ceramic tiles are easier on your pocket as they are cheaper and far more affordable than wood. Subsequently, blending modern technology with the look of natural materials is definitely the way to go. The credit for this elegant flooring goes to the flooring experts of Woodpecker Flooring.

Moisture resistance

The effect of wood flooring in bathrooms and kitchen is most dramatic and charming. However, one of the biggest concerns is the constant exposure to moisture which can make wood deteriorate far more easily and quickly. Unlike the natural material, ceramic tiles are rigid and porous at the same time preventing moisture damage effectively. You can thus explore several new styles and colours to enhance the look of your rooms.

Protection from insects

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Valverdi Chalet Vail Smoke Indoor Outdoor Porcelain Tiles

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Termites are far more dangerous than insects that are visible to the naked eye. These termites can cause havoc once they begin to chew on the wood as they spread easily. Apart from causing damage to your prized possessions, it can be dangerous if the wood has been used in the main structure of your house. Ceramic tiles provide the perfect solution as it gives you the look you want without the expenses involved. You can save a ton of money in pest control and maintenance.

Easy to clean and maintain

One of the best things about using ceramic tiles for homes if the ease-of-use. Apart from being able to clean up easily, stains can be easily taken care of. Natural wood flooring can be stressful as some stains can seep into the grain of the wood making it permanent. Cleaning products can corrode or diminish the natural look of such wood flooring. However, ceramic flooring can be quite versatile. You can use light soapy water or mild cleaning products to take care of everyday stains.Take a look at another transformation story about a home in Poland—5 Impressive Bathroom Renovations.

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