Bathroom trends for 2019 – a look at what is hot and not

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Every house needs renovation every few years to keep it looking beautiful, and the bathrooms are usually the first areas to be updated. With 2019 around the corner, let’s look at the popular 2019 bathroom trends as many of them will carry over to the next year. From the trendiest colours for bathroom walls to the latest bathroom tiles in 2019, this ideabook covers it all to provide inspiration to homeowners who are looking to remodel their bathrooms.

Of course, for the best advice on 2019 bathroom trends, we recommend consulting a professional bathroom designer or interior architect, especially if the bathroom makeover project involves a complete change in the layout. While smaller tasks such as repainting or changing the tiles can be handled by a good contractor, homeowners who like to have the newest designs and materials in their homes should get advice from a professional.

Alternatively, one can choose timeless designs that never go out of style.

Latest bathroom tile trends in 2019

Over the past few years, subway tiles have been a popular trend in bathrooms. They are nothing but high-gloss white ceramic tiles that are so named because they first appeared in subway stations in international cities. However, the grout between the tiles, especially those in smaller formats, are extremely high-maintenance as they need to be scrubbed clean regularly to keep the bathroom spotless. Since 2019 bathroom trends are all about easy-to-clean materials, a simple solution to move away from subway tiles and not worry about cleaning the grout is to use large format ceramic tiles. Bear in mind that the right size needs to be chosen depending on the size of the bathroom as a large format might not work well in a tiny bathroom.

Like with bathroom paint colours 2019, neutrals are an alternative to white ceramic tiles. Shades such as grey and black can be combined to create an interesting design on the backsplash in the shower area.

Bathroom colour trends 2019

Colour is significant when it comes to decorating a bathroom, and in the 2019 bathroom trends, Navy Blue is the most popular shade. Neutrals continue to be on the list of trendy bathroom colours for 2019, and the best part about Navy Blue is that it can pair up beautifully with white, cream or beige. It also provides a smart contrast to metallic accents. Therefore, for a quick bathroom makeover before the New Year, an easy option is to add a coat of this stylish colour to a wall in the bathroom. Be aware that the dark colour can overpower a small bathroom, so use it sparingly in a tiny room by limiting it to just one wall.

Bathroom trends 2019 – rainfall showers

Rainfall shower heads have been popular for a while, and they continued to be so in 2019. The reason that most homeowners like to include one in their bathroom is that they add an element of relaxation, which is essential to every bathroom. If the bathroom has an existing overhead shower, then replacing the shower head with a rainfall model is a simple task to give the room an upgrade. It isn’t very expensive either as rainfall showerheads are available in the market at prices starting from INR 1200.

What are the popular lighting options in bathroom trends 2019?

The industrial style is back with a bang for 2019 lighting trends in Indian bathrooms. Instead of the soft and soothing lighting fixtures that try to recreate a spa-like setting, opt for the trendier industrial design that pairs well with many design styles. When paired with the most popular of the 2019 bathroom colours – Navy Blue, the overall look is rustic. Alternatively, for a quick-fix makeover, replace the lights above the vanity cabinet with industrial sconces.

Bathroom trends 2019 – Greenery is a must!!

Bathrooms present a moist environment, which is ideal for growing certain types of plants. Since nature and greenery are an interior design trend in 2019, including a few plants in the bathroom can help to infuse style into the room. Bear in mind that one should choose the right type of plants, depending on the amount of natural light in the bathroom. Among the practical choices are air plant, aloe vera, bromeliads, philodendron, pothos and spider plant.

What fixtures are a part of the 2019 bathroom trends?

For the past couple of years, there’s been a shift from cold steel and chrome faucets towards warmer metals such as copper, bronze and nickel. These tones work well not only when contrasted with Navy Blue – the colour of the year, but also with neutral shades such as white. Our recommendation is to pair them with a darker shade to create a stunning effect in the bathroom. It’s best to stick to a single shade of metal instead of mixing them up as it can result in confusion in the overall look.

For those looking for a quick upgrade, replacing old faucets with warmer metal ones is a great way to achieve the desired change.

What are the must-have technology upgrades in the 2019 bathroom trends?

With remote control technology pervading almost every other aspect of one’s life, bathrooms shouldn’t be left behind. While controlling the air conditioning or security access with an app on the mobile phone isn’t new, in 2019, this popular trend extends to the bathroom with a digital shower control that allows homeowners to set or control the water temperature without having to enter the bathroom. These handheld devices are sleek and stylish, so they won’t spoil the look of your bathroom. Therefore, if the water heater needs an upgrade, maybe it’s time to embrace the latest technology and opt for a digital model.

Bathroom trends to avoid in 2019

Of course, our list of 2019 bathroom trends would be incomplete without a list of what not to use in the bathroom. In the list of things to avoid in 2019 when giving the bathroom an upgrade is:

Granite countertops: Granite is passe when it comes to vanity counters in the bathroom. Instead, use lighter materials such as engineered stone, solid surface or concrete countertops that are better suited to the industrial theme that is among the bathroom trends 2019.

Floral patterns: Avoid tiles with floral prints. If one must add contrast to the bathroom tiles, opt for a tile in another shade.

Large bathtubs – With the movement towards environment-friendly options for interior design, oversized bathtubs are out as they use too much water. If one can’t do without a bathtub in the room, choose a smaller model such as a corner tub or even an old industrial-style standalone metal tub.

For homeowners who are looking at remodelling their bathroom in the new year, these tips will provide some basic ideas on the latest 2019 bathroom trends to adopt or avoid. However, not every trend works across bathrooms of varied sizes. Therefore, before going in for an upgrade, we recommend consulting a professional bathroom planner who can advise you on the various elements that will work well together in your bathroom. 

Which of these trends will you choose for the bathroom? Leave a comment.

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