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How to choose a layout for your small living room

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A small living room doesn’t mean that you have to settle for something you don’t really want as far as décor or aesthetics go. You just need to be a little imaginative and creative while deciding the proper layout for a small living room. For a living room where space is scarce, it is crucial to understand the nuances of arranging furniture particularly. So read on to discover the different possible layouts that can enhance the charm of your living area and help you make the most of every nook and cranny available.

A small sofa with coffee table in front looks classic and neat

Get a small sofa and position it against one of the walls with a coffee table in front of it. You should place your sofa at least a few inches away from the wall so that the illusion of spaciousness prevails. If space permits, add small side tables on both sides of your sofa to cater to storage needs.

If you have a fireplace in your living room, position the sofa on the wall opposite the fireplace. If possible, place one or two single chairs opposite the sofa and the coffee table. This way you can increase the seating space from 2 to 4. A decorative wall paper on the wall behind your sofa or a beautiful piece of art or even a mirror can add pizzazz to the layout. A wooden coffee table made of glass or chairs with acrylic backs can lend the illusion of a larger room. And along with proper lighting, your small living room will transform into a sanctuary in seconds!

Don’t waste corners

Remember to make the most of available space by arranging your furniture in a corner. You can fit in a sectional sofa or a classy armchair in one corner of your small living room. Keep an ottoman or a minimalistic coffee table in front of the sofa. An ottoman which also serves as a coffee table can be used owing to its multifunctional value.

We suggest that you avoid ornate or bulky coffee tables for small living spaces. Rather go for the ones made of glass or acrylic to infuse the illusion of spaciousness in the room.

Pick a small sofa with armchairs on the side for an open-plan space

White Sofa Set Locus Habitat Living roomSofas & armchairs
Locus Habitat

White Sofa Set

Locus Habitat

If your living area follows an open plan space, then this layout can be perfectly suitable. Place a small sofa in the middle of the living area, to create a conversation spot which looks over the dining area or kitchen. A backless sofa may also work very well in an open-plan space. Place a pair of armchairs on either side of the sofa or in front of it, and an ottoman which can act as a coffee table to easily make seating possible for around five people.

Place a rug or carpet beneath the ottoman or coffee table, to create a unifying bond between the sofas and armchairs. Try to make the rug touch the legs of the sofa and armchair for enhancing that binding effect. You can opt for a sofa with exposed legs, in case you want to create an aura of spaciousness.

How about a small sofa or armchairs facing a built-in storage wall with TV and bookshelves?

If you are lucky enough to have a built-in wall storage unit in your living room, then make it the focal point of your living space and place a small sofa or a couple of armchairs opposite it for a smart layout. The built-in wall unit of your small living room can serve as an entertainment and media unit and can also be used to display your collection of books, artefacts etc.

In case you are planning to buy a built-in storage wall unit for your living room, then try devoting one entire wall to it. You can also get one made which spans from floor to ceiling. If you think that a traditional sofa will take up too much space then consider arranging a few matching armchairs which will help make the room appear larger than it is. Get inspired by this futuristic living area designed by RBD Architecture & Interiors, a team of visionary architects from United Kingdom. Besides books and decorative items, the in-built unit also houses blankets for those times when you feel a little cold while watching a movie.

Place a daybed and a carpet near the window for a charming vision

The Norman Day bench Decorum Living roomSofas & armchairs

The Norman Day bench


Want to do something different with your small living room? Why not do away with sofas and armchairs? Rather make the most of your big window in the living room by placing a daybed with wooden frame in front of it. It will not only serve as a seating area while entertaining guests, but can also serve as a bed at night or if unexpected guests plan to stay over.

Accessorize the daybed with colourful cushions and throws for an inviting look. Place a small coffee table in front of it and a rug or carpet to complete the cosy feel. The space beneath your day bed can be designed to provide storage too, and thereby enhance its functionality.

Go for a pair of armchairs in front of a bay window, and a long sofa opposite the fireplace

Open Plan Living - New South Coast Extension BluBambu Living Rustic style living room
BluBambu Living

Open Plan Living—New South Coast Extension

BluBambu Living

Does your living room have a bay window and a fireplace? Then incorporate this last layout and give your living room a stunning makeover easily. Position a pair of armchairs in front of the bay window and arrange a long sofa opposite the fireplace for the intelligent utilisation of your living room’s space. Armchairs in even numbers should be used, so as to make sure that all your guests have someone to chat with.

Furnishing and decorating a small living room is a piece of cake if you are a little innovative. A bit of effort and sharp thinking can achieve the impossible. Hope you found the above tips useful, and are now ready to create a living room which will become the envy of both friends and family. Here is another ideabook to get your creative juices flowing – Decorate your small living room like a pro.

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