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Here is How to Divide your Lovely Loft into Different Spaces

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The open and airy layout, large windows and abundance of natural light have become the primary reasons of why a growing number of people have been opting for lofts over studios. Offering its inhabitants spacious living, loft apartments have become quite in demand in urban areas where space is at a premium. The one problem that people, however, face with loft apartments is dividing them into sections like the living room, dining area or the hall, or the study. Compartmentalizing lofts, which are defined by their lack of internal walls, is a major design challenge that many people face. How do you manage to give your loft apartment a segmented look, without losing its appeal, elegance and comfort? Now that is what we are trying to address through this article.

We will discuss below some extremely smart tips and tricks, which will help you convert your loft from drab to fab. These living ideas for your loft are sure to help you earn the praise of your friends and family alike.

Curtains and fabrics add a touch of privacy

Curtains and fabrics too prove to be effective while trying to divide loft space. They are the simplest and most budget friendly way to divide your loft. Just hang a curtain and create a soft wall to divide your sleeping area and your entertainment area. Make use of curtain rods, wires or cables to hang those curtains and create some privacy easily.

The fabric of the curtain will depend on your needs. It you want to have some real privacy, choose from heavy opaque materials such as suede, canvas or velvet. Or if privacy is not much of an issue and all you need is some form of partition; then choose from sheer fabrics such as lace, silks or cottons. The print, colour and design for your curtain entirely depend on you.

Add style to your loft with folding screens

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Folding screens are one of the best living ideas to divide your loft. Having originated in China, the market too has a large variety of folding screens, available in different material and designs, to cater to their growing demand. From three panel folding screens to ones with six and seven panels- you can take your pick from the myriad of styles available.

You can also choose to invest in some exquisite folding screens with different patterns or choose to buy a plain one and then get your creative side working by decorating the plain one – the choice is absolutely yours. Some stores also stock on folding screens with wheels to move your room divider according to your needs. So buy one of these and segregate your loft’s sleeping area from the prying eyes of guests.

Organize and divide spaces with shelves

Bookshelves and shelves are another very smart way to segregate your loft into different areas. The modern designs of shelving units and book shelves give you a wide array of choices and serve the dual purpose of partitioning your loft as well as providing storage area too. Opt for floor to ceiling bookshelves and storage units to make the maximum of available space. Keep your bookshelf at the side your bed and partition your bedroom. Or place a shelving unit beside your cooking space and create the illusion of a closed kitchen. Or you could even place a full length wardrobe for partitioning your loft into a bedroom and living room. Get inspired by this smart space rendered by Vegni Design, designers from Italy.

Mirrors and glass can help maximise light and space

Segmenta sliding door wardrobe - Pictured here in Bronze mirror and frosted bronze mirror. Lamco Design LTD BedroomWardrobes & closets
Lamco Design LTD

Segmenta sliding door wardrobe—Pictured here in Bronze mirror and frosted bronze mirror.

Lamco Design LTD

Mirrors have traditionally been used to make a small space seem larger. But if used smartly, mirrors and glass walls serve as effective loft dividers too. Because of their reflecting properties, mirrors and transparent glass walls can partition an area without making a space appear smaller. Hence, these prove to be cost effective options when trying to partition a loft into different work areas. You could go all out and get sliding glass doors installed or install a large mirrored partition and create an illusion of a larger space along with smartly dividing your room too.

Bring nature into your home and divide space with plants

Make use of plants to divide your loft and bring nature inside at the same time too. Choose from vertical green walls or tall potted plants and create your own garden within your loft. Make use of vines and creepers and create a green loft divider. You can buy readymade vertical walls for your loft or you could grow your own green wall. Increase the oxygen content of your loft by smartly making a green partition. You can also get a partition crafted from planters like the structure shown above. Pick the colours of the planters as per the rest of the decor style of your loft.

Go for pony walls to create barriers

Make use of pony walls or half walls – and create an illusion of a loft partition without making the space look very small. Rather than opting for floor to ceiling wall, invest in these half walls and create a loft partition. Ideally 4-5 feet tall, pony walls allow the free flow of light, sound and air and yet help create different areas in your loft. However, remember that being of low height; these do not allow much privacy and just serve for creating separate zones. You can yourself build a pony wall in your loft and see the difference it creates in the overall layout.

You can even choose to make use of alternate dividing ideas like a kitchen island or a long aquarium or sliding glass doors etc. A fireplace can act as a clever space divider too, given that your climate permits it. Take charge of dividing your loft and mark separate areas and see your loft become an inviting space for one and all. Here is another ideabook you can go through for more inspirations - Modern Victorian Loft conversion.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!
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