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Come spring, and the world goes into full on Easter mode. Suddenly it is all about chocolate eggs and funny bunnies! Eggs and blooms are a picture of Easter fun, as well as cut outs of bunnies which seem to appear almost overnight in whichever corner you may look. Easter decorations come out and the bunting goes up. So how to DIY decorate for Easter? Well, here’s our take on the matter – follow these tips for some good old Easter fun that is also impressive and creative!

What is Easter without Easter Bunnies?

Easter is not Easter unless you tinker with Easter bunnies. Get your DIY mind set in place and set about getting yourself some bunnies in the house. Cut outs from card paper or cardboard in textured white or other plain options can add some heady Easter fun to your space. These bunnies can then be wrapped in foil for a truly glamorous effect, or painted for a more playful tone. And while you are at it, don’t forget to add embellishments for your own personal touch. Sequins, cut outs or painted patterns all qualify for this tip. Take a hint from this pretty bunny family by Sass & Belle, furniture and accessories suppliers from United Kingdom.

Easter decorations are a part of creating a fun filled festive atmosphere at home. So get your bunting out and get set for some good old DIY fun. This will not only enhance the charm of your surroundings, but it will also help you build some family time for hours of fun and bonding. Remember to handle the more heavy duty activities yourself and let your kids take on the lighter tasks like pasting and using kiddie scissors to cut.

Keep plenty of wipes at easy reach to wipe away stains and prevent spoiling the fun. Also, remember to make the most of the sunshine by setting up a table outdoors, under a covered gazebo or shed for some serious egg painting or crafting Easter bunnies! Happy Easter! Here is ideabook to inspire you if you need more ideas - Easter is getting closer! 6 deco tips you should try this year.

Egg Colouring – The Classic

Egg colouring is a classic Easter activity that has been around for the longest time. It is probably the greatest aspect of Easter preparations and decorations. Choose your eggs carefully and hard boil them or go for blown out ones. Get some food colouring out and add 20 or so drops to half a cup of water and a tablespoon of vinegar. Now, here is it important to choose the number of drops depending on the shade you want. You may want to add less number of drops for lighter, paler shades and more drops for vibrant shades.

Our favourite? Those pretty pastels that you can get with about 15 drops! Now, place your egg in a cup of this prepared colour and watch over it carefully until it reaches the shade you had in mind. Remove the egg using a spoon and place on a paper towel or egg holder to dry at its own pace! You can then dip a paintbrush into the various prepared colours to add fancy art and patterns!

Print Serviettes

Print serviettes with a personal monogram of your initials or a custom pattern for that true DIY touch. Get in touch with your creative side and choose a cool pattern depending on your mood. Flowers and bunnies say it best for Easter but do not be afraid to play with geometric waves in pastel shades and monochrome patterns to go with your pretty painted eggs. A host of online services can help you upload an image and choose the size of the serviette as well as the quantity. And before you know it, a box of your Easter serviettes will arrive at your doorstep, ready to help you usher in Easter.

You can also print your own serviettes by buying plain ones in solid colours, printing your pattern or monogram on to a transfer sheet, and then setting it on the serviette with the help of a heavy duty iron. Remember to be careful with the hot surfaces!

Create a Still Life

A picture can speak a thousand words, they say. And a beautiful hand painted picture will remind you of the magic of Easter long after this spring time event is gone. So indulge the artist in you and get yourself a blank canvas. Let your happiness do all the talking as you bring out shades of spring with Easter lilies and other spring time scenes! Fruits, flowers and more will depict the Easter bounty well. Frame and let it sit pretty and proud on your mantelpiece! So get ready to create a still life today!

Arrange Flowers

Easter and flowers seem synonymous. And thanks to spring, your options increase. Bring home a clutch of flowers or even a basketful and watch the magic unfold as you do up pretty vases and glass bowls with your favourite blooms. Arrange flowers and place them in various rooms of the house as a contrast with the wall colour, or simply pick the softest hued buds and let them spread their scent over your home. Create a piece de resistance that can also house a few painted eggs as the centrepiece for your dining table. Easter flower arrangements can soothe and add colour at the same time, so ensure that you have plenty of freshness to go around this Easter!

Decorate Planters with Decoupage

Decoupage is the classic and fine art of decorating a surface with paper cut outs. You can take vintage prints and put them together with some smooth glue for a pretty effect which can be placed in any corner of the house. Since we were on the subject of flowers and blooms, Easter would also be a good time to bring home some pretty planters.

But for a true DIY effect, you can bring tin or clay planters and decorate them with this art. Decorate planters by decoupage and watch the fresh creative statement envelope your home with a happy spring time vibe! Use pictures of roses and other blooms combined with scenes of play and leisure for a soothing yet eye catching effect. The cups shown above can work wonderfully as mini planters too!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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