How to use mirrors to bring good Feng Shui

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Mirrors are an important part of bringing good Feng Shui to a home. Other than bringing good energy into the home, mirrors will also make rooms brighter and more spacious. However it can also bring bad luck if placed in the wrong place. Thus, today we are here to show you the taboos of mirror placement in Feng Shui. We will guide you through each room in the house to point out the specific place where you should not put the mirror in the room.

1. The main entry

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According to Feng Shui, the main entry should have a mirror, but it should not face the door directly. Practically speaking, a mirror in the main entry is great as it makes the main entry brighter, which is essential especially if it's a small entryway. The mirror can also serve as a decorative piece, which makes the area more spacious rather than more cramped. A mirror with a unique frame or shape in the main entry can add a nice touch to the home. Here are some other Feng Shui tips for the entrance.

2. Living room

The living room can have a display of various shapes and sizes of mirrors to create a gallery wall. This is not only makes the living room more visually interesting, but is great Feng Shui as well. However, to bring good energy to the home, the mirrors in the living room should be placed high enough so that it does not reflect people, but rather just light.

3. Staircase

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Generally staircases should not be reflected in mirrors according to Feng Shui as it is believed to bring a disturbing energy to the home. However, you can place a mirror in the hallway or corridor to make it brighter and more spacious. Just make sure it doesn't reflect the staircase.

4. Mirrors facing each other

According to Feng Shui, one should never place mirrors so that they are facing each other, because it causes energy to bounce off constantly, creating chaos, which is not good energy for the home.

5. Dining room

Placing a mirror in the dining room is believed to bring abundance to the home according to Feng Shui. The mirror should reflect the dining table, rather than the window.

6. Bedroom

In the bedroom, a mirror should never be placed so that it is reflecting the bed as it is considered very bad Feng Shui. The mirror should also not be placed above the bed. This is because mirrors are always circulating energy and it's best not to have too much energy near your head in order to get a good night's sleep. Looking at it practically, it also makes sense to not have a mirror above the bed as you wouldn't want a mirror crashing over your head while you're in bed.

We hope this article has been informative enough. For more ideas, here is another article on Feng Shui.

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