9 colours for the front door to impress and inspire

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The front door of the house is an entryway… both to your home and to the décor that is hiding behind the closed door. We may say that this humble door is an introduction to your personal style. So it makes sense to make it pleasingly welcoming and ready for a warm welcome to your guest right from the first knock. May be you haven’t looked at the importance of front door before in the same way you are looking now. But it’s never too late to make the change. Open the door and see! Does it need a fresh coat of paint or a makeover to refresh its look?Call for a family meeting, start the search for ideas or just dive into this ideabook and find the best colours for the door that is right for your home and suits your style. Have a look!

Plan before picking up the brush to paint the door

Painting is not all about what you see in paint advertisements. You have to plan before you execute. The first thing is to take the door off the frame and not fix it before the paint dries out completely or else it will stick creating loads of problem. If you are not so confident, hire a professional. It will save on money and time. Still if you are planning it DIY, remember to use primer and paint to get that perfectly professional look.

Choosing the colour for the door

The front door of the house is an introduction to your home and an eye through which you can peep into the personality of your home and believe it or not… yours too. Remember the front door leaves a lasting impression and it’s a fact that most of the time people remember the house with the colour of the front door. Be bold and bright for modern look or go traditional with traditional colour or subtle shades for more traditional look; just let it reflect your style.

1. Colour the door red

Red is a very warm colour and auspicious too for Indians. Combine it with natural wooden door if you are not comfortable in going red all over with the door.

2. Pop of blue on the door

The pop of blue is cool and calm and surely is loved by most. It adds a bright and unique retro style into the space.

3. Bold and black door

If you love the contemporary look for your home and are bold enough to carry it with confidence, be bold and paint the door black. Elevate the colour with metal door handle and a bit of work on the door.

4. Soothing shade of green

There is some magic in the shades of green and instantly connects you with the beauty of nature. It’s welcoming and radiates the warmth all around it. Dark shade of green will work well with brick walls around and light shade with lighter shades around.

5. Friendly pop of purple

The shade of purple, both in bright and pastel, is fun and welcoming waiting to surprise the visitors with its pop. The best part is that it can be both modern and traditional.

6. The shine of yellow

The warmth of yellow is contagious and inviting. It has the power to cheer you up even in the gloomiest day. Add this colour at the entrance and bask in the warmth of sunshine right at your door.

7. Brightness of orange

The orange hue creates magic especially when the entrance is surrounded by nature at its best. Complement it with earthy tones and the feel the warmth all around.

8. Beautiful shade of pink

Pink on the door is one bold colour which you should be proud to flaunt with pride. With its soft delicate hue, it is friendly and elegant.

9. Classy in its natural shade

Sometimes it is good to experiment and be bold with colours. But sometimes it is good to stay connected with neutral colours on the front door of your home. Wooden shades, white, grey… believe us, it will look great.

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Which of these colour ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments below.

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