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Project 10 Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio Modern living room
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Project 10 is a gorgeous home with hints of modern and contemporary design spread throughout. The interior architects from Rhythm And Emphasis Design Studio in Hyderabad have done a tremendous job marrying design and functionality in this gorgeous home. Let’s take a tour!

The beautiful kitchen

The kitchen is elegance personified. Beautiful wood, polished to perfection, has been used throughout the kitchen. The stainless steel appliances fit right in. The kitchen island also has two designer bar stools.

The cosy corner

This is perhaps our favourite corner in the house. Featuring a stunning bookshelf with earthy tone wallpaper, this corner is perfect for reading. The wooden armchairs and table also make it a great spot for family game nights.

Majestic bedroom

This bedroom is absolutely gorgeous. The colour scheme has impressed us. The unique idea of securing the bedhead to the shelf provides additional head support. The mix of white and wood, combined with the rainbow coloured rug is sheer joy to look at.

The other angle

The other angle of looking at the room shows us the industrial finish wall. This window cum seating area gives the perfect view as you wake up each morning.

The gorgeous entrance

The entrance to the home features this beautiful polished and carved wooden door. The set of shelves on the side and the indoor plants add a little extra to the design.

The kid’s room

The kid’s room is quite beautiful and calming. The green and white laminated wardrobe creates a nice, quiet atmosphere. The kid’s room has been kept simple and functional so a child can use it as well.

The other angle

The rest of the room is simple and not over the top. This allows the child to decorate by themselves. The comfortable bedspread and artwork add a little excitement to the room.

The other bedroom

The other bedroom personifies sophistication. The colours are elegant and the design is simple but flawless. The use of different shades of brown creates an uninterrupted flow of design.

The other side

On the other side, we see the gorgeous wooden door leading out of the room. There is a desk for when anyone wants to work from home, but it does not take up unnecessary space.

The dining area

The chic design of this dining are has us impressed. What we love here is the colourful door design that shows the skill of the designer. And of course, the wooden table looks gorgeous.

The beauty of details

From here, we see the unusual and unique hanging lamps that are fitted above the table. The upholstered and comfortable chairs are placed around the table. A sink has been placed right be the dining table.

The living area

The gorgeous home has an equally stunning set of sofas. The rich suede and leather sofas and the wooden centre table look right at home here. The simple white flooring adds to the charm of the design by allowing the designers to highlight the unique elements in this room. For more inspiring ideas, take a look at this article: An eclectic three-bedroom home in Bengaluru

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