7 Vastu tips for designing main entrance door to attract positive energy

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Vastu compliant main entrance design of our home is extremely important for obvious reasons. It’s through the main entrance all the energy of the universe enters our home. To make sure that the energy which enters our home is positive vibe and our house is designed to absorb it we have to focus on creating the main entrance based on the principles of Vastu shastra, the ancient architectural science. So today we have come up with Vastu tips about designing the main entrance of our home to attract and absorb the positive energy. Have a look!

1. Attracting positive energy through the main entrance door




The way to attracting positive energy into the home begins at the entrance door. It is important to create a positive entrance to attract and then absorb the positive vibes. When what enters through the main door is positive energy, it is what will be circulated inside the home and the residents will experience it in their life. To welcome positive vibe, build a beautiful entrance. Make sure that the main door is well painted and decorated to look attractive. Ensure that the main door is free of any obstacles or obstructions. There shouldn’t be any broken hardware, chairs, planters or dried plants right at the main door. Keep the shoes in the cabinet and not scattered near the door. In short, design the main door to make it welcoming and happy.

1. The welcoming doormat at the entrance door

The entrance doormat too holds a place of importance on the main door and in attracting positive energy inside the home. Shape, colour and design of the doormat should be selected on the basis of the direction of the entrance. Make the right choice and select the right entrance mat to welcome home positive energy.

3. Back door in relation with the main entrance door

Simple straight lines Cubism Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Simple straight lines


The back door of the house should not be facing the main door of the house. Once again the reason is simple; all the energy entering through the main door will leave the house immediately through the back door and will not be of any use for your home. Also the direct alignment of two doors will create an energy clash in your home. Avoid it!

4. The face of bathroom in relation with the main entrance door

The bathroom door facing the main door is not considered good for your home. The reason is simple. The energy entering the home through main door will flush out through the bathroom if the two doors are facing each other leaving no energy for your home. So it is advisable to design the bathroom and its door is such a way that it doesn’t face the main door.

5. Bathroom above the main entrance door

Bathroom is considered to be place energy stagnate, drains and negative energy accumulates. So it is important to build a bathroom sensibly. The quality of energy inside our home depends on the type of energy entering the home from the main door. With bathroom just above the main door increases the chance of negative or stale energy entering the home. Ensure that the main door of your home doesn’t have a bathroom just above it.

6. Location of staircase in relation with the main entrance door

With staircase near the entrance, the energy will either rush up quickly to the higher or spread on the lower floor, leaving the main floor devoid of any energy. According to Vastu it will create clash in energy. Energy entering our home so first enter through the main floor, absorbed there and then should go up or spread on the lower floor. Avoid building the staircase just opposite or near the main entrance door.

7. Mirror facing the main entrance door

This is the most common mistake done in houses. Mirrors do enhance the beauty of the space while creating an illusion of roominess. But mirror just opposite the main entrance door reflects and pushes the energy entering the home. With energy trying to enter your home and mirror is pushing it away; a challenging and chaotic situation is created at the entrance. Vastu doesn’t recommend it.

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