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Gone are the days when people used to spend minimum time in the bathroom. Back then, bathroom was just a dingy small room with basic amenities. However, the scenario nowadays has changed. We do not use the space to just get a shower and do the needful.  The contemporary bathrooms are a class apart that helps one to relax and spend some ‘me’ time.  From fixtures to tiles, there is a lot that goes into making the perfect bathroom. Let us focus on how you can get the right tiles for your bathroom!

The tile market has a lot of options for your washroom like ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles, mosaic tiles, digital tiles and many more. With so many options available these days, customers are confused as to what type of tiles to choose from the market. We are here to help you decide which design, material and cut that are best suitable for your bathroom. Most of the Indian bathrooms are often wet unlike the western ones. Hence, it is important to pick the tiles that have a low water absorption capacity and are non-porous in nature. The recommended water absorption by weight ratio is less than 3%. If the water stays on the tile surface for a long time, the dirt gets absorbed quicker. Sounds complicated? Then let us make it easy for you.

Tiles should be laid out from the ceiling down

Get it right the first time while laying down the tiles. Laying out the tile pattern from the ceiling to the floor makes it a lot easier. Before waterproofing, also draw up the design on the wall board just to make sure that the layout is right prior to installing the tiles.

Plan ahead

As in every activity, planning is of utmost importance here also. If you have a specific look in mind, it can only be achieved if you plan it out in advance. Details such as cabinets, fans and down lights in the bathroom must be highlighted at the beginning of the project itself before the plumbing, electrical and the heating lines are installed.

Make sure that the tile sizes are correct

A wrong tile size is one of the most common issues these days. Many people tend to get it wrong by not taking the exact measurement while buying the tiles. So, double check for the tile sizes according to our Indian sizing standard and then purchase them. The tile size might also have factored in grout joint. Hence make that check before you finalize the tile.

The standard size for bathroom tiles was 300 mm * 300 mm until a few years ago. The gap between the tiles gets filled with dirt in no time. Though they look great in pictures, it becomes difficult when it comes to maintenance. Nowadays, the market leaves you spoilt for choices with different patterns of 600mm * 600mm floor tiles. In simple terms, it would mean less grouting area. Check them out! Or get inspired by this stunning bathroom designed by Ripples, bathroom designers from United Kingdom.

Be mindful of leaks

It is important to safeguard against the leaks. Grade the area outside the shower, and again back to the shower to avoid leaks. Check the shower and faucet installations, and all pipes to be on the safe side.

Keep curing the space in between steps

Prior to installing the floor tile, prepare a sample tile board and make sure to seal it before you start to seal the entire bathroom. Simply by sealing the tile and natural stone, you can enhance the strength of the tiles. Stay away from the floors until cured.  Each and every stage requires time to dry before proceeding to the next stage.

Bigger niches are always preferable

Making the shower niche big is an intensive and detailed process. Even if they end up a little bit bigger, you can always make them smaller and not vice versa. Hence always build the shower niche one size bigger so that they get aligned with the grout joints easily.

An eye for details is must

Attention to details is of prime importance. In order to get a polished and sophisticated look, take care of the little nuances that can boost the look of your tiles. For example, in order to ensure the grain of the tile looks continuous, wrap the edges of the tile. This will create an even and polished look.

It goes without saying that the key to any bathroom renovation is the tile layout. With careful planning in the beginning, you can easily handle the design and décor of your bathroom to suit your needs aesthetically and functionally. You can also check out this ideabook for more inspiration - Transform your old bathroom into something amazing!

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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