7 handsome, practical and masculine men’s bedroom ideas

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When we start talking about men’s bedroom ideas, it’s very easy to resort to clichés: navy linen, charcoal walls, leather headboards… and although these are all neat ideas, there’s no reason why two men need to have bedrooms that look very similar in style!

Actually, designing a bedroom with a masculine edge should be no different than styling up any other scheme. All the necessities still apply: layout, functionality, and comfort. But when it comes to actual style, what is it that men of the 21st century prefer?

We have a few ideas…  

1. Men’s bedroom ideas: Masculine colours

First things first, decide on a colour palette. When imagining a typical masculine bedroom, we rarely think of bright yellows and soft salmon tones (although we won’t go as far as to say these colours are completely off limits). 

Generally, guys’ colours tend to be of the darker, moody sort that combine nicely with warm neutrals. And given this tendency to include darker hues, a nice pop of colour here and there is a nice way of breaking up that moody ambience. 

Our choice? Dark greys, browns, and blacks are classics. But add some mid-toned colours to prevent the palette from becoming too solemn – taupe, mid-grey and grey-blues are especially nice. The texture of wallpaper is also a nice way of bringing in a solid colour without it being too overwhelming. And remember that dark floors will balance out beautifully with lighter colours everywhere else.

2. Men’s bedroom ideas: Strong, geometric patterns

Broad Walk Guest Bedroom Roselind Wilson Design Modern style bedroom interior design,luxury,textured walls,round wall mirror,grey and blue,wall lights,navy and amber,contemporary bedroom
Roselind Wilson Design

Broad Walk Guest Bedroom

Roselind Wilson Design

Florals and butterflies aside, it’s hard to define a certain pattern as being exclusively masculine or feminine. But generally, a pattern with strong geometric style is more welcoming when considering men’s’ bedroom ideas. 

The masculine look thrives on clean lines and sharp edges (as opposed to soft curves). Thus, ditch the Paisley and instead opt for Argyle, Chevron, Stripes, Checker, etc. Have geometric patterns on textiles and accessories to weave that strong, sharp look all throughout the room. 

A rug is always an easy way of adding pattern to a space. And depending on the rug’s size, the patterns’ scale can add visual interest to the whole room, maybe even cancelling out the need to add other motifs on other surfaces. 

3. Men’s bedroom ideas: A combination of textures

Darker colours call for more luxurious fabrics to enhance that sharp look we’re aiming for. Think of classics like wool, linen, heavy silks and a high-thread cotton count – all these imitate a high-class hotel look which is perfect for the modern and successful man of today. 

Wall-to-wall carpets are ideal for muffling sounds and ensuring more comfort. In fact, have a look at some deluxe hotel rooms, as many of their suites are designed with the successful male traveller in mind. 

4. Men’s bedroom ideas: The right accessories

City Slate silk cotton bed linen Gingerlily BedroomTextiles Silk Grey urban,masculine,blue,grey,white,cotton,silk,bed linen

City Slate silk cotton bed linen


Just because you’re designing a man’s space doesn’t mean your options in terms of accessories are limited – just shift your focus. 

Search for pieces that add to the bedroom’s texture – stoneware, statues or pottery could work. Books are always a nice touch, especially older works with interesting or vintage hardcover bindings. And don’t overlook textile pieces like scatter cushions, which remain an excellent option for adding colour, pattern and texture. Just don’t overdo it with the amount of pillows! 

homify hint: Set up a carefully styled mess for character. Empty your pockets onto your dresser and keep the pieces that bring memories: a postcard from a museum exhibition, a photo of your girlfriend, a rare coin you picked up in the park, etc. Just keep the pieces to a minimum and rotate it occasionally. It can serve as an excellent reminder that even though your bedroom is a chilled space, it belongs to someone with an active lifestyle. 

5. Men’s bedroom ideas: Art that speaks

Treasure Map Pixers Eclectic style bedroom Beige map,maps,travel,wall mural,wallpaper

Treasure Map


Since you opted for darker hues in your room’s design, feel free to bring in spots of brighter colours via wall art. Gallery walls with multiple pieces are always a winner, for they ensure eye-catching statement walls while also ensuring space to include other non-traditional wall art. 

For a quieter, more reflective ambience, we suggest black-and-white photography in subtle frames (dark wood, stainless steel, etc.). 

To tie the entire look together, use your art pieces to reflect patterns and colours found in your accessories (floor rug, scatter cushion, bedding motifs). 

6. Men’s bedroom ideas: The correct furniture

Three words: simple, but stylish. Like those patterns, your furniture pieces need to be straightforward, yet also gorgeous to look at. We recommend dark woods, leather (yes, it’s a classic), and metal.

And if you end up with an industrial-styled space, bonus points to you, for it is the epitome of a successful modern-day man inhabiting a high-rise loft and who makes the city his playground. 

homify hint: Always include room for a nightstand that can double as a stash spot. Include items like a lamp, a clock, a book you’re actually reading, and your cellular phone. And let your nightstand include doors, drawers and/or other smart ways of helping with storage. 

7. Men’s bedroom ideas: Mood lighting

Stripes and Squares Pixers Minimalist bedroom Multicolored pattern,wall mural,wallpaper

Stripes and Squares


A masculine bedroom requires the same lighting needs as any other space: a mix of general, task, and ambient lighting. But ditch those stiff bedside lamps with stuffy shades. Instead opt for something with a sharp edge to it, like metal factory lighting, or anglepoise lamps. 

Bonus points if you can install a wall-mounted Kaiser Idell fixture with stretchable arm!  

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