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19 brilliant ideas to decorate the space below stairs

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Some spaces in the house go unnoticed and underutilized simply because no one remembers that they can participate in the decoration, and the area under the stairs leads the pack of such spaces.

Depending on where your staircase is located, you can decorate it, and utilize that space in a unique and wonderful way as per your budget and requirement. For example, you can take advantage of creating a bar under a staircase that sits in the living room. If you have a staircase in the dining room, a winter garden is a beautiful suggestion. See some great stairs styles here.

So if you have a ladder or staircase in your house and the space underneath it is idle, get inspired with these decorating ideas under the stairs to give your room a new look. You could also consult professional interior decorators for a unique and creative suggestion.

1. Sculpture decoration for space under the stairs

Transform the wall near the stairs using stone, or brick of a wallpaper, and using this rustic wall as a background, you can use a creative sculpture to create an artistic corner below the stairs.

2. Decoration under the stairs with artifacts

Creating wall niches under the stairs and storing beautiful artifacts can drastically change the appearance of the area underneath your stairs. Use focus lighting to highlight the beauty of these artifacts, and have a small gallery of your own under the stairs.

3. Utilize the area below the staircase with shelves

This is one of the most common models for decorating the space under the stairs. In fact, more than decorative, it is functional. You can hire a professional carpenter  to take measurements of that space and make a custom cabinet with doors and shelves to store many belongings. Here are 9 amazing under stairs storage ideas for your home.

4. Using a counter with storage under the stairs

The space under the stairs can be used to fit in a counter, that can also serve as a desk, without losing the charm and lightness. You can have fresh natural light come in and even sit and enjoy the view from below the stairs.

5. Decorate with pictures

Making a mix of pictures or mural with family photos is another very interesting idea to occupy the span under, or on the wall on the stairs or the space that precedes the climb. A simple idea, but that makes all the difference.

6. Decoration under the stairs with dresser

If you prefer to just keep things simple and mobile, so that space underneath the staircase is not empty, you can place a small dresser, table or sideboard with a mirror. Simple, but that fulfills the function of adding some style to the area.

7. How to decorate narrow stairs of loft

In small and integrated environments, as is the case with many lofts, one can take advantage of the space with built-in drawers in an elevation on the floor. It is a more functional idea, but it can receive a decorative touch with the artifacts that you store in there.

8. Decorate the area under stairs with a dresser

A sideboard, a frame and decorative elements already transform the space under the stairs. If you prefer you can use a buffet counter, with doors, so you can store dishes and other items.

9. Decorate with plants

When you really do not have much access of the area under the stair, you can add a lot of plants, and they will act as a natural air purifier for your home, and you save the cost and space of an actual air purifier.

10. Use bonsai trees for decoration under the stairs

Bonsai are beautiful, and they add charm to any environment. The area under the stairs in living room is a great place to showcase your classy taste in plants. Do remember to take good care of the bonsai, and keep it in sun from time to time in order to maintain its health.

11. Decoration under the floating ladder

In this model there is ample space to enjoy under the stairs, which is floating and can be seen from the other side in any perspective. The idea in this case was to put pebbles on the ground and small palm trees, but it would also be a great space for meditation, reading or sitting.

12. Create a zen garden under the stairs

You can create a serene environment, and invite positive energy in your home by creating a simple zen garden under the staircase.

13. Take advantage of space under the staircase with water mirror

Creating a water mirror with river stones is another suggestion which is sure to make your area beneath the stairs look very beautiful, and will bring a sense of lightness and tranquility to the environment.

14. Decoration underneath the internal staircase with vertical garden

 You can add life to your room and your stairs with a beautiful vertical garden on the wall, that exudes freshness and creates a natural ambiance. Here are 37 good ideas to design your own vertical garden.

15. Just pebbles under the stairs

A creative idea, that requires less maintenance is to decorate the area under the stairs with just pebbles and have a small seating arrangement near it.

16. Create a room under the stairs

You can utilize the space under the staircase by making a study room with a narrow desk and some shelves.

17. Decorate the area under stairs with pots and planters

Not always the space under the stairs is high enough to put furniture. So you can use it for plants or floor lamps. Here are 18 excellent interior stair designs for your home.

18. Use small furniture under the stairs

A small wooden bench on a floor covered with pebbles can completely transform your area under the stairs. Throw in some plants and you have a lovely little seating arrangement right under the staircase.

19. Decorate with sofa under floating stairs

When you have floating staircase, the area under the stair can be perfectly utilized as a part of the living room. Take inspiration from the picture and create a small little oasis on the side to have a fresh ambiance in your living room, without wasting any space under the stairs.

Hope you liked these ideas, and for inspiration here you have 28 more ideas for using the space under the stairs.

Which way are you going to decorate the area under your stairs?

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