10 sensational BBQs and wood-fired stoves

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Restauro di un casolare di fine 800, Studio di Progettazione Arch. Tiziana Franchina Studio di Progettazione Arch. Tiziana Franchina Garden Fire pits & barbecues
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Love wood-fired pizza, naan or tandoori chicken? Then what's better than cooking on a chulha or a home wood-fired Tandoor? Chulha is a traditional Indian cooking stove used for outdoor cooking. It is traditionally a U-shaped mud stove made from local clay. After the clay formation is complete it is finished by covering it with a coat of clay and cow dung mixture. Having a kitchen which you can set alight using wood as fuel, is indeed a sign of love and tradition for our forefathers; it is reminiscent of the good old “Chulha” in India.

Today on homify we present them to you them in a new modern flair. Fireplaces for cooking, wood-firing pizzas or barbecuing can transform the space where they are installed as well as the surrounding areas, making them extremely cosy spaces and social magnets for family and guests alike.

If you have a small or mid-size family and you love the smell of food cooked on wood or coal, here are some design options that you’ll love and will give your food a distinctive aroma and taste and will leave your family and guests begging for more. Today we present beautiful examples of 10 grills and wood stoves to make cooking at home even more pleasurable.

Lets not wait, hold your breath and enjoy the smell of wood-fired food!

1. Country style

An exposed brick cooking area is always a visual treat. Bricks age with time and reveal a subtle charm that many other building materials don’t. In this cooking alcove by Barbecue franchise, a beautiful construction surrounds the cooking area and achieves beautiful symmetry. The design is captivating and perfect for an outdoor garden or patio. Furthermore, it adds some rustic charm as well. If the fireplace looks so wonderful, can you imagine how delicious the naan cooked here would taste?

2. Rustic look for you

Exposed Braai The Braai Man Garden Fire pits & barbecues
The Braai Man

Exposed Braai

The Braai Man

This fireplace designed by the Braai Man aims to leave an impression. This is a classic example of a cooking space well integrated around a social space, ideal for a small family gathering. With the cooking apparatus centrally positioned, both sides are free surfaces that can be used for preparation and storage of wood underneath the platform. The wooden finishes look truly natural and stunning.

A great place to share a meal with your loved ones surrounded by nature and the aroma of freshly cooked wood on coals. Definitely a place to brush up your cooking skills.

3. Stone in all its glory

Clad your Braai in Stone The Braai Man Garden Fire pits & barbecues
The Braai Man

Clad your Braai in Stone

The Braai Man

For someone who loves the rustic style, this outdoor cooking bay designed by the Braai man is a visual treat. Different natural stones of various shapes, sizes and colours are perfectly arranged to create an ideal pedestal for easy cooking and social gathering. An elegantly designed chimney at the top releases the smoke to make the cooking experience more pleasurable and smoke-free. Adjacent is a lightweight wooden structure, designed to provide shade once filled with greenery or supporting some lightweight fabric structure, that could also create a sheltered enclosure for those colder winter months. With a wooden cooking oven like this, why  only use it in summer?

4. Tradition meets modernity

This country style wooden stove is perfect for a farmhouse or weekend home. Designed by architects Achilles Nicolas Kilaris, it is an ideal match for the beautiful room. Integrated sympathetically into a side wall and surrounded by modern accessories, such as metallic ceiling lamps and a sleek dining table, it’s dressed to impress!

5. A mobile kitchen

A lovely example of two different functions integrated into one stunning piece of kitchen furniture. This unique mobile kitchen, designed by Bureau GN, is simply a treasure to possesses at home. Every part of this wood-stove has been designed with functionality and aesthetic in mind. The wood burner, the metallic rings that hold the containers and the sliding mechanism to move containers whilst cooking  are all simply engineered for a superior culinary experience. Can you imagine how this piece would look in the middle of your garden?

6. Gourmet wonder

Another great example of how to effectively use brick in wood-fired stove design can be seem here, by Studio Di Progettazione, who bring out the classic rustic style. It's a great idea for a small balcony or terrace, with two designated areas; one for cooking and the other for a quick clean-up before meals. The small arched window lets in ample light and adds some nostalgic charm.

7. Modern

What could be better than spending time grilling by the pool with a stunning backdrop? This modern barbecue was designed by Lebarbecue in France and is simple to install, just requiring being strapped onto a wall. The stark contrast between shiny, sleek steel surfaces and red brick achieves an elegant composition. Time for a quick Instagram snap, perhaps?

8. Ideal for indoors

Something different from what we have shown you so far is this modern, stylish brasserie designed by Aquiles Nicolas Kilaris. It stands out majestically in the middle of this home with its beautiful surfaces. You would never guess that the delicious meals served up in this home come from this piece of design innovation.

9. The brick balcony

Taking cues from its surroundings, this is an example of a more traditional design approach. Clad in bricks and ceramic tiles, it offers a easy-to-manage surface. The stove is highly functional with two segregated cooking zones, one for grilling and the other for wood-fired pizza. There is also a platform for preparation and washing. It would be easy to knead the atta for a naan or marinate the chicken for the tandoor here.

10. An idea for a small garden

Sou Bouc are the designers of this beautiful, minimalist, stainless steel gem. It combines washing, preparation and grilling into one sparkling design and its finely perforated wall panel helps keep the wall spotless. An all round great idea for the small garden space.

Hopefully these ideas have sparked your gastronomic interests! In no time you'll be dishing out delicious wood-fired pizza, chicken tikka and tandoori chicken to your friends and loved ones.

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Which of our 10 ideas was your favourite? Let us know with your comments below.

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