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6 Unbelievable things you never knew about kitchen countertops

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Is it time to renovate your kitchen and give it a makeover? Remember to carefully select the right kitchen worktop—one that looks good, is easy to maintain and sturdy enough to last you a while. Kitchen worktops are the most used part of your kitchen. It is where all your chopping and prepping happens—so it is bound to get wet, greasy and sticky. The material you select for your kitchen countertop should be good enough to deal with your daily kitchen routine and stand the test of time. Concrete, wood, stainless steel, laminates and more recently, Corian, are the commonly used kitchen worktop materials. Here is a handy list of myths and facts about most of them.

Laminate is a good option for the kitchen worktop

True! Laminated worktops are the most popular option for kitchen worktops. You can play with colours and pick what suits your taste best to brighten and liven up your kitchen. Laminated worktops are easiest to maintain both on a daily basis and in the long run. Laminated worktops are the perfect blend of visual appeal and functionality at affordable prices. Laminates are prone to scratches and damage from very high heat as well, so a little caution would be needed with laminated worktops too.

​Wood is delicate

True! Solid wooden worktops look very elegant and add a sophisticated charm to your kitchen. However, it is important you opt for wood that has been treated at very high temperatures, as high as  200 degrees centigrade and more. Such wood are more resistant and durable in nature. Wood in general needs lot of care and careful maintenance. Wooden kitchen worktops will be prone to scratches, humidity, heat, water and greasing. It will require prompt cleaning and periodic sanding, polishing and oiling to ensure your wooden worktop stays ship shape! So though wood is definitely a delicate material for your kitchen worktop, you can still opt for it if you are willing to give it the care it needs.

Have a look at this house that personifies wood for some inspiration for the rest of your house.

You can not have the beauty of the wood and a resistant material too

False! Wood is definitely less resistant as compared to other materials for your kitchen worktop. However, if you are fascinated by the beauty of wood, you can look out for alternative more durable materials. You can opt for wood finish laminates to recreate the charm that timber can. You can invest in good quality wood replica laminates that come even with wood like texture, in addition to look. This way you can gift your kitchen the beauty of wood and at the same time have a material that is resistant, durable and easy to maintain.

Steel is delicate

True and False! Steel is by far the most hygienic material for your kitchen worktop. It is easy to clean and is non absorbent which helps keep bacteria at bay. It can handle heat and water without getting damaged. It is definitely stain proof and is also just as good as laminated worktops when it comes to giving your kitchen a sleek look. Steel is both traditional and contemporary and can easily complement most types of kitchen accessories. The only challenge with a steel worktop is that it is not scratch proof. And over time your worktop may bare scratch marks from all the chopping and scraping you would normally do while prepping up your food. Another drawback with steel is that it will be prone to creating more noise than other worktops. You may just get used to it and handle your vessels with more care!

Concrete is not the right matetial for the kitchen

True and False! Concrete worktops can give a very rustic touch to your kitchen. If teamed with complementing accessories it can give your kitchen a traditional shabby chic appeal. Concrete is best when it comes to being heat resistant, scratch proof or stain proof. It does not absorb food material or water making it a more hygienic option too. What does not work very well with concrete is that it cannot create the shiny colourful effects that other material like laminates can. Also concrete over time tends to fade and lose its original colour. This may make your kitchen look dull and lose its charm.

Corian is the future

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Corian worktops

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True! Corian is the present and almost certainly the future of kitchen worktops. Corian is a DuPont branded worktop material that can elevate your kitchen from boring to classy. Corian provides an elegant, smooth and seamless appeal to your kitchen worktop, sink and splashbacks. You will fall in love instantly with your silky smooth scratch proof Corian worktop. Though expensive, Corian is definitely worth all the money you spend if you measure it in terms of ease of maintenance, durability, hygiene and its sheer beauty. And once you decide on Corian for your kitchen, look here for more inspiration on Corian for the rest of your house.

With so many options available to choose from for your kitchen worktop it is definitely no mean task to narrow down onto one. There are varying opinions and reviews that you may hear leaving you confused while making a choice. Hopefully this ideabook has busted all your myths and highlighted all the right facts to help you decide on the right material for your kitchen worktop. Take a look at this ideabook for economic ideas for your kitchen cabinets too.

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