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It is always a difficult choice when it comes to deciding the colour, décor and furniture for a bedroom. This room is a safe and comfortable space so you want it to be perfect. These bedroom design ideas by Golden Spiral Productionz (P) Ltd are a great place to start your research. The Interior Designers & Decorators in Mumbai have put together some beautiful colour schemes, décor ideas and unique designs to give us some much-needed inspiration.

Earthy tones

The earthy tones blend together really well. From the rug to the bedhead and the basic colours in the décor, everything looks well put together. The bedroom is calming and peaceful, which are two of the most important factors to keep in mind when designing this room. The simple marble flooring and the intricate design on the curtains add a touch of elegance to the room.

Shades of brown

Simple and straightforward, this bedroom is designed to be put to maximum use. This is because we see how functional the design is. It is not over the top and too opulent. It is just the right amount of stylish, which is what we love. The all-brown in the wardrobe and doors, as well as the bedframe, matches with the cream. Of particular note is the textured bed behind the wall, adding an element of surprise to the room.

Pastel power

Pastel colours are the rage this season, so why should interior design and architecture be left behind? Featured here is a beautiful pista green wall with beautiful artwork placed right above the bed. The colour scheme of the room has been kept low profile in order to highlight this one wall. The ceiling and flooring are kept elegant and simple, in order to make the room more functional than designer. 

Bright and inviting

For those homeowners who enjoy experimenting with colours, this bedroom will surely be an inspiration. The room uses a muted colour scheme, but you must wait for the surprise. The teal wall is stunning and eye catching. It is a treat to look at. Not many designers take such bold colour decisions, but this decision has definitely paid off.

Perfection in white

Where this is a lot of white, there is bound to be sheer perfection. What we see here is an example of perfection in white. We love the all white look of the entire wardrobe, along with the rest of the room. The design of the room is quite unique, with the walk in wardrobe being placed as an extension of the bedroom. There is an elegant rug under the bed, along with the all white walls and the elegant concrete wall behind the bed.

Extraordinary and stylish

The stylish bedroom is filled with colours and unique décor items. We love the use of the textured pink wall in the entire room. The matching rug, the floor seating with tiny chairs and the over all look and design are just awe inspiring. 

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