How do I plan and design my kitchen?

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Kitchen is the energy center of the house. According to Vastu, kitchen the place where there is heat, and it is considered to be the soul of the house. There are so many doubts in mind when you are planning your kitchen, to make it an amalgamation of comfort, space utilization and good looks. Interior designers place a special emphasis on the design of the kitchen of a house, and it is advisable to consult a specialized kitchen designer, for designing the perfect kitchen for your needs and desires, keeping in mind the ratio of space you need for equipment, storage and worktop area for a convenient kitchen. The direction and amount of light in a kitchen also plays an important role in the design of a kitchen. In this ideabook you will find the kitchen design concepts, ideas, tips and inspiration to design the perfect kitchen for your home. 

The right direction for a kitchen

As per Vastu, a kitchen's direction translates into the amount of positive energy that resides in the kitchen. Two best directions for your kitchen are South East and North West. If you are in the planning phase of the design of your house, remember these directions and try to position your kitchen in these directions. This will ensure good air circulation and lot of direct light, which will keep the kitchen free from unwanted odors, and naturally sterilized with the help of sunlight. If possible plan an open balcony near the kitchen, that will improve the air circulation, and will also help to store and organize cleaning supplies too. Here are some more Vastu Shashtra tips for your kitchen.

Plan the lighting in your kitchen

White Kitchen homify Classic style kitchen

White Kitchen


It is good to have natural light in the kitchen, as it makes the kitchen area look more lively and fresh. Beyond the natural light, there are multiple ways that your kitchen can be lit. You could use the conventional lights on walls or have concealed lights on the ceiling. You could use LED strips below and above the cabinets to create a diffused glow effect without the lights being visible, or you could use focus lights to create attention areas in the kitchen, on the key areas like the cooking range or the central island as shown in this image. You could refer this ideabook for more detailed ideas on lighting styles in a kitchen.

Keeping it simple never goes wrong

There are so many elements that you can add to your kitchen, that will add to the glamour quotient, and a surprising fact is that even the simplest of kitchens looks extremely beautiful if designed properly. Choose a great color combination, and plan the storage modules efficiently in order to have a kitchen that is great looking, and is efficient in working. If you have a large area for your kitchen, you could have a U shaped slab, and organize your electric equipment on one side, cooking on the second side and cleaning and washing on the third side. If the kitchen area is not that large, an L shaped counter top will be more efficient, keeping cleaning area on one side, and rest everything on the other. 

An island maximizes the working area in a kitchen

Indian kitchens call for a lot of space, with the amount of storage required for the various ingredients and spices for the diverse recipes and cuisines that a country like India has to offer. To maximize this storage, it is sometimes advisable to add an island in the kitchen, that can serve one purpose among the three: cooking, washing or storing. Designing a kitchen island however has some prerequisites of space, without which it will only be a hindrance in the center. So, it is a good idea to consult an experienced kitchen professional before you decide on getting an kitchen island installed. You could always get a movable platform for your kitchen, to add more space when required.

Choose the right colors for your kitchen

Colors can create a lot of impact and have the ability to make a room look vibrant, bright, spacious or serene. Choose the color of your kitchen wisely. Consider the other factors like the size of the kitchen, the style that gels with the rest of the home and the amount of light in the kitchen. Light colors reflect light and make the room appear bigger whereas dark colors absorb light and might make your kitchen look smaller. You can experiment with the trending colors and create something unique for your home. Always remember, monotony is boring, and you might want to change the look of your kitchen in a few years, so keeping the new and trending colors on the wall, and keeping the furniture and cabinets in an evergreen pattern will make more sense when you want to renovate the look of your kitchen. 

Planning a really small kitchen

Kitchen supplied by CC india homify Modern kitchen

Kitchen supplied by CC india


Space constraint does not necessarily mean compromising on the looks, it just means a requirement of better planning, and that is what professional designers are best at. If you have a small kitchen, having ample storage at the bottom and having the kitchen in a light color can do the trick of making it look spacious and utilitarian. The corner, which generally is not used for working, is well utilized in this kitchen for the cooking area, which saves space on both sides of the counter top for food preparation. Here are more ways to increase the counter space in your kitchen.

Planning an unconventional kitchen

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AT The Studio

Industrial style apartment

AT The Studio

The smallest of kitchens can be made to attract attention with a meticulous design. You can make your kitchen look stylish and different by using some unconventional materials for the counter top, getting a color that is a little less conventional for use in homes and following a theme like rustic style or industrial style among others. You can add seating to your kitchen if it is an open plan and give it a small cafe like feel, where you could actually enjoy your morning cuppa. Here are 6 contemporary kitchen designs to inspire you.

Using storage as decor in your kitchen

A kitchen with completely closed and covered doors of cabinet might not appear as interesting, as a kitchen that has a combination of various elements like glass, metal and wood. The glass cabinets make the kitchen look more spacious and at the same time makes the kitchen more user friendly for even a guest, who is able to locate the items more easily. A well planned positioning of such doors will add visual space to your kitchen and make it look bigger. After all you do spend a lot of your time in the kitchen everyday.

Planning a narrow kitchen

If your kitchen is narrow, have the working counter at only one side. Use storage above the counter and below the counter efficiently, by using modular storage. Use open storage for easy access of daily kitchen items. Lack of lighting can make the kitchen look small, so use ample lights to keep the area bright. 

The things that work best for you might not work for someone else. Chalk down your requirement based on your cuisine and cooking style and discuss with a professional on how to incorporate those things best in your kitchen. Use durable materials as kitchen is a place prone to falling, spraying and tumbling over of food. Maximize the space and minimize the clutter and you will have the perfect kitchen for your home.

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Lunavat residence

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