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Incorporating old furniture in your Interior decor

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If you have been living in your house for some time, you may have become tired of the décor and have considered making a change. Renewing your décor is a wonderful way of bringing an energy and freshness to your house. Although many people may be reluctant to change their décor as there are many things that they do not want to change, these might be items that have significance, or family heirlooms. Choosing a new interior design would mean getting rid of these things. This does not have to be the case. There are many ways that a new interior design can incorporate existing items in your home including antiques and family heirlooms. Whatever new interior design style you are considering there are ways to incorporate your existing antiques, it just takes some forward thinking and a few clever tricks. Homify has got the best tips on how to coordinate antiques into any new design.

Light Floral Coloured Curtains

There are many ways we can design our interiors in order to bring nature into our homes. This is commonly done by using plants and flowers in living areas around the house. This can bring wonderful scents into the house if there are flowers growing. Another way to bring nature into the house is with the cool evening breezes. On a hot summer afternoon, it is wonderful to open up the house to the cool breezes that flow through. To enhance this consider using light floral curtains or long lace curtains for large windows. When the breezes flow through these curtains you can see as well as feel the beautiful summer breezes. The imagination is enhanced when these billowing curtains are moving with the fresh garden breezes.

Floral Sofa Cover to add an Element of Spring

When you want to include antiques into a new décor there are certain tricks you can use in order to make it seamless. If you are updating your home, there is a good chance you will be buying new furniture or fittings. These new items may not initially fit in with your antiques. They may seem out of place when placed next to each other. One way to combine the new and the old in a space is to include a link between them. Colour and nature can provide a good link between the new and the old. Consider including an element of colour and nature into your design. This can be done easily with some floral sofa covers. Use big bright patterns with natural shades of browns, blues and greens. This bright green sofa brings a wonderful green theme to this modern space. This sofa was made by Sketch Interiors. 

Wooden Table for Antique Flavour

Another wonderful way to bring an element of nature into your design is to use natural materials. There are so many wonderful natural materials that you can use in your design. If you are combining the antique and the natural, consider including antique timber furniture. Antique timber furniture can be found in many places from high end antique stores to charity shops and even car boot sales. The natural pattern and knots in the timber surface gives the space a natural element of chaos. A timber table is a wonderful way to show off the unique pattern in the wood of a table. Choose darker timbers for rooms with a red and brown tones, for lighter rooms consider tables made from lighter timbers. This table was made by Miulas Mobles. 

Small Persian Carpet to Keep Your Feet Warm

When people think of nature they often think of getting out into the outdoors. This may mean different things to different people. For some this may be the sand between our toes on the beach, for others this may mean a walk through the rainforest feeling the damp air on our skin. Either way we are using all our sense to fully experience the magic of the outdoors. What better way to represent this outdoor experience than to use all of our sense there too. To do this consider including a small Persian carpet in your design. Persian carpets are a wonderful way to bring an element of elegance to any design. They also provide a wonderful way of keeping your feet warm on cold winter nights.

A Mirror with Big Golden Antique Frame

There are many items in the house that are purchased for their function and many that are purchased for their aesthetic value. When we can combine these and have functional items that are also aesthetically pleasing we can create a truly wonderful design. One way of combining the functional with the aesthetically pleasing in a design is with a mirror. Mirrors can come in many creative and stunning designs. To create a natural antique interior consider using a mirror with a large gold frame. This can immediately bring a classic antique look to any space. Consider using a classic gold antique mirror in an entry hall to give it an element of classic style.

Many Small Flower Paintings to Finish Off

Flowers provide a wonderful way to bring nature into an interior design. They can act as a motif that can bring the natural elements of wood and fabric together with the more modern elements such as ceramics and sleek modern furniture. These flowers can be in many forms; vibrant fresh flowers in large vases, gorgeous potted flowers sitting on the window sill; floral prints on cushions on the sofa or even a spray of small floral paintings arranged on a wall. Alternatively consider including one large bright flower canvas in a prominent position. This picture is a wonderful example. Place this in a space with elements of red or yellow to bring the design together. This is a great way to reproduce a natural design incorporating antique features to a design.  

You may have lived in your house for a number of years, or you may have just moved in, but it has become obvious that a new design is required. You like the idea of something more modern, although what will you do with the beautiful antiques that you have been given? Do not worry, there are wonderful ways that you can incorporate these stunning antiques with a natural modern design. Use the antiques as a basis, then introduce nature through floral materials on sofas, see the breezes with long flowing curtains, use a natural timber table to unify the style, a Persian carpet for warmth and finish this off with some wonderful flower paintings throughout the house. This is just one way to integrate antiques into a natural new style. For more ideas see A Contemporary Home in Classical Style.

How do you use antiques in your modern design? Let us know in the comments below.

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