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6 fantastic stone surfaces from 6 amazing countries!

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Certain countries have a building material that is very present in the soil. When that is the case, a country will build a reputation of having excellent materials and soon enough a specific type of building material is associated to a country. For example, not much could be said about an Italian pebble, but quite a lot can be told about Italy's marble that comes in many different colours. When renovating, buying or moving into a new home, adapting it to the tastes of the owners only seems natural. Implementing one, many or simply half of a wall into the home can literally boost the overall atmosphere of the home. It changes the tone and invites a little bit of history of a country into the home. The following inspirations will relate about six countries and their most renowned material

Indian Agra red

Completed Project at a glance #Residence @Paota,Jodhpur. RAVI - NUPUR ARCHITECTS Modern houses Stone Beige

Completed Project at a glance #Residence @Paota,Jodhpur.


The traditional Agra material has made a name for itself in India all over the world. Its benefits include those of being ideal for warm climates and resistant against the powerful rays of the sun. The main aspect that makes this type of material beautiful lies in its warm and enveloping colour. There is nothing quite like the shade of Agra red. Having a wall in the home made of this material will definitely spice things up. However, if someone prefers staying on a more traditional path, then constructing a home with this material as the outer shell will still create a stunning home full of life and passion because these qualities are attributes of the colour red. The fencing around the home can also be built with this material which will be perfectly harmonised with the house.

English brick house

The classic English brick house is usually one of the first things someone would think about when mentioning Great Britain's architecture. There is something quite charming and comforting about a brick layered house. The use of brick dates back to the Industrial era where England was at the forefront of technology and machinery revolution. Brick is a reliable material that resists well to the turmoils of the outside weather as well as being good for insulating a house. Some of its advantages are that, nowadays, it can be found anywhere around the world and it is offered in a variety of shades. Also, a brick wall can be introduced into to one or many rooms for a textured and industrial feel.

Modern concrete house

For a more modern approach, concrete is a material that is now widely used. Its insulating advantage as well as its solidity has been proven time and time again. Once the concrete is laid and solidified, it can be tinted in the colour of the owners preference which means that anything is possible. Concrete can also be molded in any shape whether it is in an angular direction or in a rounded off shape. This material offers much flexibility when it comes to a designing standpoint. Concrete is a material that, like a sculpture, can take any shape or form. This kind of material can be adapted to any climate and it will be able to maintain the desired temperature indoors while keeping the cold or the hot air outside.

Japanese stone

Mark Gabbertas homify Dining room

Mark Gabbertas


The stoic stillness and solidity that stone inspires is what Japan has grasped and understood over the passing centuries. Is there more solid than a stone house? Stone can be perceived as peaceful and calming because it is a direct reminder of Nature and Earth. Whether the entire house is built out of stone or only one wall is made of stones, the general effect will be breathataking as well as grounding. A house made of stone is a home made to last and that is what the Japanese wanted to encapsulate: longevity and durability. There is something very humbling about this kind of material since its use dates back as far as prehistoric times. It can be used in any sphere of work while still procuring the same homey and cosy feeling.

Moroccan mosaic

Mosaic floor Mosaico3M Classic style walls & floors

Mosaic floor


The next stop is in Morocco where mosaic reins supreme. The reputation of this kind of construction offers astounding beauty and imagery. It is prop apply the material that offers the most open canvas possible. Any image or shape can be created with mosaic, not to mention all the colourful options and designs available to everyone. Mosaic leaves room for colourfulness, creativity and imagination. Great work sometimes takes time, and waiting after a wonderful piece such as a mosaic shown in this picture is worth it. The colourful mosaic can be laid on the ground, the walls, the ceiling, on furniture and so much more. The mesmerising final effect of Moroccan mosaic has a lot to offer and it shouldn't come to a surprise that it is widely used in homes anywhere in the world. This design has been made possible by Mosaico3M.

Italian marble

Italian Marble Shower Enclosure Amarestone Modern bathroom

Italian Marble Shower Enclosure


The final and probably the most noble of all materials: marble. Whether it is found in black, green, red, white or beige, marble gives a sense of luxury, nobility and style. Italy is the land where beauty is a the centre point of art and Italian creations. Marble is usually found in hallways, on the floor or in bathrooms as shown in the image here. Its advantage is that it always remains a few degrees below the ambiant temperature which is ideal for kitchen counter tops as well when preparing baked goods. Marble is the material of castles and its appearance can definitely revamp the atmosphere of any room. Who wouldn't want to come home to a marbled home?

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