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A complete guide for the walls of your home

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What is home without it's walls? Walls are what makes your home safe from the dust, winds, animals and insects. House walls are what makes your house secure and help you sleep in peace. House walls provide privacy, and also give you that alone time to reflect and rejoice. Walls help exhibit achievements and decorative pieces and also help store a lot of stuff that you do not use frequently. Walls can be made in various materials depending on it's usability and position, in order to save on the expenses and at the same time ensure complete safety too. In this ideabook you will get to know about the walls and their types and their materials, to help you plan the types of walls you want in your home. Read on more and look at pictures uploaded by our interior designers and architects.

Exterior Walls

The exterior walls of your house will have to endure all sorts of weather conditions. The exterior walls should stand strong against heat, rain, cold, dust, storms, wind and even snow. To ensure safety and have increased durability, the exterior walls need to be made from sturdy material like brick, or concrete blocks or stone. These materials are eco-friendly, highly durable and low maintenance. You can get the exterior walls of your house coated with weather proof paints and sprays and have a robust exterior in all weathers. You could also use a stone veneer on your concrete walls for the aesthetic effect and yet keep it durable. 

Stone Walls For Garden and Patios

Hadrien Walls Fabistone Classic style walls & floors

Hadrien Walls


Stone walls is a great choice for the open spaces inside the house. They might be a little expensive as compared to the brick walls, but there is no match for the aesthetic appeal of a stone wall. If you are a fan of the rustic style especially, stone walls are the perfect choice for you. Stone walls are generally thicker as compared to the brick walls so they will definitely take up more space, if you plan to use it indoors. Also stone walls have rough edges, so you might want to avoid this natural textured wall near kitchen where smoke and dust might accumulate in the crevices.

Concrete walls for the interiors

Concrete walls are economical and sturdy and can be used well in exteriors or interiors. Concrete is very robust and the structure made of concrete will last for a long time. Concrete walls need plastering, moisture protection and paint to make them look smooth and finished for the interiors. Without the plaster and paint, concrete walls give an industrial look to the room, so if you are a fan of the industrial style, plain concrete walls is your go to style for walls. Changing the look of a concrete wall is easy, with application of fresh paint or new wallpaper. Here are 5 stunning industrial decor ideas, if you love the industrial style of decoration.

Brick Walls

Brick walls are an all time favorite for interior designers, and they just never go out of trend. Brick is an economical wall material and has quite a lot of strength too. Brick walls look great on the exteriors of a house, when they are exposed with just a weatherproof coating on top. Exterior brick walls can also be coated with cement, plastered to smoothness and painted with weather proof paints to endure the weather and save the exteriors of the house from dampness. Brick walls in the interiors of the house makes the house look chic and modern. Bricks too like concrete have a rough surfaces and need to be seasoned to be used in the interiors. Brick wall is a great choice for the kitchen too, as it complements wood really well to give the room a retro feel. Here are 6 ways to have a spectacular kitchen with brick walls.

Gabion Boundary Walls

Boundary walls are the first thing that one notices about your home. Boundary walls constitute a major portion of the facade of the house, and that makes it essential for the walls to look great and be strong at the same time. Gabion wall is a great idea for the external walls of the house, where in small rocks and stone are filled in steel or iron cage structures. Gabion walls are quick to construct, and are flexible to be bent in different shapes as per the requirement. Gabion walls are generally modular and hence very easy to repair, expand or reconstruct. The only care you need for Gabion walls is to protect the iron cage from rusting, by using protective coating once or twice an year. Have a look at some great boundary wall designs for your home.

Green Walls for the interiors

A wall made of a rough frame in wood or iron can be transformed into a stunning looking, air purifying green wall inside your home. You can create green walls that look like vertical gardens by combining different colors and shapes of foliage. A green wall can also be used as an interior wall, where you need visual separation only, and do not need the space be to be enclosed. A green wall can be used in the living area, provided you have ample sunlight coming in. We would suggest discussing the idea beforehand with the designers in order to allow light and provide for sustainable drainage below the wall. Here are some ideas for green walls/vertical gardens that you would like.

Creative Interior Walls

Inside the house there are places where you actually do not need a wall for privacy purposes, however you need a wall to create a visual separation between two areas of the same room. Such cases are a wall that aids separation between sitting area and dining area in the living room or a wall that creates a visual separation between sleeping area and study area in the kids room, or a wall that creates separation between kitchen and dining area. These walls do not have to be load bearing, but they should be aesthetically appealing to the eye, and should add in the beauty of the room. Metal bars/rods or wooden bars can act as a perfect interior wall for separating spaces without actually raising a wall.

Glass Walls for the Interiors

Floating stairs with glass walls Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale Corridor, hallway & stairs Stairs Wood Brown
Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale

Floating stairs with glass walls

Siller Treppen/Stairs/Scale

Glass walls are very popular in bathrooms, as they retain the openness of the bathroom while separating the wet area from the rest of the space. Glass walls are also a great idea to be used as other interior walls. Glass walls can be used in the living area to separate spaces. Frosted glass wall can make a great interior separator between bedroom and dressing room. Frosted glass wall will make the space look brighter and since glass is not as thick as a brick, it will make your room look more spacious too. You could also use frosted fiber glass, for the strength and safety and enjoy fresh natural light in the room without any compromise with privacy. Have a look at this decorative glass wall panel for idea.

Wood or Timber Wall

Abhiskhek's Appartment P & D Associates Modern living room
P & D Associates

Abhiskhek's Appartment

P & D Associates

No other material is as comforting as the wood. Wooden walls are the best for your home, though they are a little expensive. Wooden interior walls will help in insulation, and will save you a lot in electricity be it summer or winters. Wooden interior walls look very natural and complement well with the furniture in general. Wooden interior walls do require some amount of maintenance on an annual basis, in order to retain the strength and shine of the wall. 

Now we hope you have a fair amount of idea on the various types of walls you can have in your home, and utilize the materials to their best capacity.

Hope you have decided which walls you want your home and where!

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