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7 tricks from the expert: How to save space at home

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Homeowners are forever looking to save space in order to make new additions in their decor. With time, we tend to accumulate more things for the home due to several reasons like, changing family needs, changing lifestyles, better/ advanced things available, things handed over from older generation or just for the love of shopping! Whichever may be your reason, you are certainly looking to save space in your apartment, weather big or small. Here are 7 tricks from the experts on how to do just that.

Use spaces you generally overlook

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs

Innovative storage solutions.


Are there any spaces that are generally overlooked? Think of spaces underneath the staircase or behind the doors for example. This small staircase has a spacious wardrobe below it. The area otherwise could have been underutilized! Look at room corners and try build corner shelves there, another space cruncher and especially effective in bathrooms and kitchens.

Make storage wherever you can

When space is a luxury, make every opportunity to use it to the max. From staircases that double up as book shelves and beds with storage space for blankets and covers to coffee tables that can store magazines inside, make storage wherever you can. Do take care however to do this very tastefully and not go overboard. Carefully choose the colors and designs so that the room does not look claustrophobic. 
This nursery storage design by Collective Works, UK that combines storage cabinets along with attic space is a great example of fitting maximum stuff into minimum space.

Think about a mezzanine

mezzanine floor can be a great additional space in the home. This tiny little staircase leads up to a study area above the lobby. Think if you can create such a space in your house/ multi storied apartment. Though mezzanine is easiest to create in rooms with high ceilings, it need not be restricted to it. Homes that do not have such floor height can also have mezzanines in corners. Kids' play and sleep and study area can be carved out of regular rooms and therefore help in saving considerable amount of space.

Reorganize your garage

Garage often tends to become the dumping ground for everything that's not needed for now. This means stuff just goes in without much attention to how it is arranged back there. If you have one, reorganize your garage today. You'll be surprised how much additional space is created after a simple reshuffling and better organisation.

Reorganize your kitchen

Kitchen can be another problem spot in the home when it comes to organization. It helps if you have a designed the kitchen with lots of shelf space and intelligent storage. Clear the clutter. Get rid of things that are outdated or that do not belong to the kitchen. Clean the fridge, cabinets and shelves. You'll be pleased with the result as the your kitchen will look prettier and you may have space for more.

Need more on how to start organizing the kitchen? Here's an ideabook that helps you with interesting tips.

Try an open plan

Open plan kitchen GK Architects Ltd KitchenTables & chairs
GK Architects Ltd

Open plan kitchen

GK Architects Ltd

An open plan is a preferred choice for many city dwellers due to its space saving results. Smaller apartments especially can look more airy and spacious with an open plan that does away with walls and demarcations for different rooms. It is quite common to see the living room, dining and kitchen to be merged together. With no walls you can save considerable amount of space while your home looks more modern and trendy in the bargain.

Show your items on the display cabinets

Have interesting mementos from your travels or heirloom passed over from your grand aunt and don't know where to store them in your tiny apartment? Install a display cabinet and display these quirky items with pride. Apart from some showing off the intriguing  pieces, you would have created some additional storage space in the house. The cabinet can be wall mounted or in form of an cupboard with glass doors. Display cabinets serve the purpose of highlighting a wall too. So it serves very well all the purposes.

Home organization is pretty much dependent of the home owner's attitude towards space and clutter. Many actually thrive in disorganized environment but majority prefer clean and clutter free homes. It is important to create spaces where possible in order to have better organization in the house and sometimes creating spaces is just a matter of some creativity and imagination.

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