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Solar or gas heater: advantages and disadvantages before installing at home


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It’s time of the year when winter is knocking on doors. Like Indian summers, Indian winters too are famous, especially the cold and chilly weather that engulf more than half of the country. The pursuit of environment friendly natural resources to power the heater has lead to environment friendly fuels and awareness to tap the resource smartly. Coal and wood are now obsolete. The cost of electricity from electrical powered heater burn holes in the pocket. So the new alternative which is fast gaining popularity is the solar panels and gas fired heater to warm up the life in winters.

There are general believe among the people that the alternate source of energy, solar panels and gas fired heaters, are expensive and cost a lot in its installation and maintenance. However, the truth is that the installation is less expensive than it is believed to be and in medium to long term it brings in immense cost benefits. Apart from the cost benefit, it also conserves the environment, thus winning extra points in today’s world scenario.

To know in details the advantages and disadvantages of solar and gas heaters, check out this ideabook and teach yourself before you think of warming up your winter. But before plunging for installation it is always advisable to seek professional help and get the heating system installed by the professionals for hassle- free longevity of heating system.

​The working of gas heater

rest room:  Bathroom by Team Kraft
Team Kraft

rest room

Team Kraft

In gas heater, the energy required for the burner to heat up the system comes from the natural gas. The gas heater works on the principle of convection to provide hot water for your home need. Cold water is supplied in the special tank fitted with gas heater at the bottom of the tank. The heater heats up the water at the bottom causing it to rise to the top of the tank. The hot water is siphoned out of the tank and transported through the pipes to fulfill the requirements. As the hot water leaves the tank, cold water rushes to fill the space and the process repeats. The amount of hot water you will get depends on the capacity of tank and efficiency of gas heater.

​The working of solar heater

In solar heater, the photovoltaic panels are fitted on the roof that takes up the energy from sun and converts it heat energy to heat up the home. The energy is clean and green energy and is quite beneficiary in long term as far as value for money is concerned. It substantially reduces the monthly electricity bill.

However, while installing solar heater, it is better to opt for hybrid system which is a combination of solar and gas heaters. On sunny days there will be enough solar energy to heat up the home. The advantage of hybrid solution will be that even in cloudy days your home will remain warm and cozy through gas heater.

​How to install the gas heater

full view of bathroom:  Bathroom by Square Designs
Square Designs

full view of bathroom

Square Designs

Gas heater is powered by natural gas or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) which are usually filled in gas cylinders and turned on to heat up the system with burner at the bottom of the tank. There are systems available which can be used in showers with a capacity to heat up water with a maximum flow of 8 litres per minute. It will guarantee a hot shower.

However, make sure that a chimney is there to disperse the gases resulting from the burn. Or it is better if you get it installed by professionals for the safety of your home and family.

​How to install the solar heater

Solar heaters are installed on the top of the roof. The photovoltaic panels should be at 30% inclination towards north to capture maximum sunlight. However, the installation of solar panel should be always done by professionals since they are the experts to know how to get the panels installed with minor and simple modification on the roof, holes in tiles, organization of reservoir and proper insulation of the heater, pipes and then the sealing of holes done to fix the panels.

​Advantages of gas heater

VILLA @ NOIDA:  Bathroom by Design Radical
Design Radical


Design Radical

Gas heater offers higher flow of warm water both in showers and faucets.

The system comes with security devices like gas cutter and is safe to use even with kids around.

It is cost effective, has an excellent long-term durability, can be effectively used for 15 years and is perfect even for large family.

​Disadvantages of gas heater




Gas heater comes with high installation cost, prior setting in infrastructure to support the installation in a well-ventilated location, specific plumbing and mixers for temperature regulation and control.

The water flow should be between 5-10 MCA (meters of water column). It causes high water usage and wastage. Wastage happens till the water warmed by gas heater reaches the shower. You need to run the cold water which ultimately is a waste of water.

​Advantages of solar heater

Prateek & Shivangi - Couple Room Interior:  Bathroom by tcrproject

Prateek & Shivangi—Couple Room Interior


The greatest advantage of solar heater is that it is a clean and green source of energy. It is completely renewable.

The installation cost is low and brings in effective return within a short span of time.

It is inexhaustible source of energy that comes free of charge and low maintenance. The durability of the system is up to 20 years.

​Disadvantages of solar heater

The biggest disadvantage is that on rainy or cloudy days there will be no heating and no heat to warm you up.

Water is good for quick baths and cannot be stored for later. It is also ineffective in regions which don’t receive much sunlight. So you will have to check the availability of sunlight before installing solar heater.

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