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Most people look at staircases as a functional element that connects two levels in a house. However, using creative stair designs for the home can add a unique decorative element that can be compared with an art installation or a sculpture. Finding innovative staircase designs for homes is not easy, but with the help of a professional architect, the task becomes simple. The professional will analyse the area, look at the structure of the walls, the height of the house and other factors before recommending the ideal design.

Additionally, by working with a professional, one can ensure that the staircase is designed to be user-friendly, in terms of the width and length of each step, the distance from the wall, the height of each step as well as material that meets the specifications in terms of the budget, colour and durability, among other factors. We present some inspiring ideas with these stair designs by professionals registered on homify.

1. Zigzag shaded stair design

Niche homify Stairs



A zigzag style is a popular option in modern staircase design. Usually, one comes across it in a single colour that makes it look more utilitarian and minimalist. However, by using a contrasting shade on the step, it creates an interesting look, especially when viewed from the side. Ideally, a darker colour such as black or dark brown should be used on the stair so that it doesn’t easily show up dirt.

2. Zigzag stair design with glass balustrade

multiple storage homify Stairs

multiple storage


Another modern option among staircase design ideas is to replace the conventional wood and iron balustrade with a glass panel held in place with metal support. It’s a sleek design that not only enhances the sophistication of the home but also optimises the natural light in the interiors.

3. Concrete cantilevered stair design with a turn

Concrete is a popular material not only because it looks modern and minimalist but also because it is relatively cheap compared to other materials such as wood and natural stone. In the cantilevered stair design featured above, the triangular steps at the turn add an interesting sculptural element, while the lighting under each step highlights the staircase and makes it the most noticeable feature in the area.

4. Zigzag stair design with storage and glass railing

Stairs storage with display homify Stairs

Stairs storage with display


Not every staircase is designed for beauty. When looking at stair design for small houses, space saving is vital. Additionally, the area should look bright and airy as this creates a sense of amplitude. The dead space under the stairs can be put to good use by creating storage – something a small house runs short of very quickly!

5. Cantilevered wooden stair design with glass railing

Fusion - European & Traditional Design, NuSpace Interiors NuSpace Interiors Stairs Stairs,Wood,Interior design,Flooring,Floor,Hardwood,Handrail,Ceiling,Event,Room
NuSpace Interiors

Fusion—European & Traditional Design

NuSpace Interiors

Wood is another excellent alternative for sophisticated staircases. Cantilevered planks that appear to float bring an airiness to the area, besides ensuring that the natural light is not blocked. By using a lighter shade of wood, the stair design gets a Scandinavian feel.

6. Zigzag stringer stair design in wood

Stringer stairs resemble a ladder, as the planks have a gap in between each rise. When made from wood, like in the image featured above, it brings elegance and modernity to the home. The modern staircase railing made of glass complements it beautifully to make it the highlight of the house.

7. Classic curved stair design

Stairs and False ceiling Myriadhues Stairs Wood

Stairs and False ceiling


Whereas traditional staircases in classic-style homes were made of brick and mortar, nowadays, it’s possible to recreate the same look with wood and metal. The curved design is a typical feature of classic stair design. The combination of wood cladding on the steps and decorative metal rails can be used to create the same look even in a smaller house.

8. Wooden cantilevered wide stair design

Wood always adds a lovely natural feel to the ambiance, and when the stairs are extra wide, more light passes through the area and enhances the warmth of the house. The model featured here is one among the ideal modern wooden staircase designs for Indian homes.

9. Floating stair design in wood

For an ultra-modern feature, floating planks of wood that wrap all the way up are the perfect choice for the staircase. Additionally, the unique modern staircase railing made of metal rope not only enhances the look but also plays the functional role of providing stable support for the staircase.

Get inspired by these creative staircase railing ideas.

10. Classic circular stair design

The circular design, which has the steps steadily inclining is a classic feature that doesn’t go out of style. The advantage is that it is an option for open-well stairs that contribute an airy element to the interiors. The disadvantage of this design is that it doesn’t leave any space for building storage under the stairs. Ideally, this design is best suited for a large home where space saving isn’t a priority.

11. Zig zag stair design in concrete

For a home with an industrial design theme, or even as a low-budget alternative, concrete stairs in a simple zigzag design are extremely stylish and functional. Additionally, they are easy to maintain, compared to other materials such as wood or glass. It can even complement the décor in a rustic home.

12. Stringer stairs in Corian

For a relatively maintenance-free option for the stairs, Corian is an excellent material to use. A simple ladder-like structure with metal railings is perfect for the stair design for a modern house. This design is easy to implement for a space-saving full-turn model, but it can also be adapted to a half turn staircase.

13. Zigzag stair design with a stunning railing

de square


de square

Adding a unique element to a simple design is an excellent option for creating a highlight in the house. This model with geometric designs in the railing draws attention with its sculptural quality.

14. Half turn staircase in a zigzag design

Under stairs storage homify Stairs

Under stairs storage


A simple zigzag design works well in any space, and by using the right colours, it can bring airiness to the ambiance. White is a preferred choice for creating lightness in the design to make the area look larger than it is.

15. Classic stair design with a gentle turn

Stairs and Hallway Myriadhues Stairs

Stairs and Hallway


In a house with a classic style in the interiors, instead of using the half turn or the full turn, a slow curve is an alternative for bringing a smoother visual that eliminates sharp turns. Using different materials or colours on the steps adds an interesting contrast.

16. Helical stair design in a classic home

Double height arched entry to stair case room S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd. Stairs Beige
S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd.

Double height arched entry to stair case room

S Squared Architects Pvt Ltd.

For homeowners who like the classic circular design for the staircase but are limited by space, the helical design is an excellent alternative. It retains the beautiful curves of the classic style without making the area appear too crowded.

There’s a lot more to designing a staircase than just providing a functional feature in the house. Besides choosing the right type of material to match the design style of the house as well as the available budget, one can make the staircase the highlight of the home by using it as a decorative feature in the house. It’s always advisable to work with a professional interior architect or designer to ensure that the ideal stair design is used to optimise the space planning in the indoors.

The best way to get ideas about the type of staircases one can adapt is to browse through images of stair designs. On homify, one can find hundreds of designs from professional architects with experience in planning the staircase area to provide features that the homeowner requires, whether it’s an open well to enhance the airiness of the area or a simple zigzag pattern that brings a modern touch to the ambiance.

Which of these stair designs is your favourite? Leave a comment to let us know.

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