12 tips to make a small bathroom better

Sheetal Bhandari Sheetal Bhandari
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A small bathroom layout can be tricky. Not everyone gets to enjoy a roomy bathroom. In fact, with sky high rentals in big cities, compact size bathrooms are a such a norm. So how do you make the most of the limited space and have it equipped with all that you need in your bathroom?

First come the basics, the toilet, sink and shower, then the add ons, hangers, cabinets and mirrors and then the accessories like paintings, plants, fancy lighting to decorate the space. Creating space for all this is like fitting the pieces of a puzzle. While your decorator may have ideas, it is the home owner who knows best what is needed and what can be let go. Lets take a look at these 12 tips to make a small bathroom better. 

1. Compact vanity

While a Nordic inspired design is great for a small bathroom, not all love the formal look of the minimalist design philosophy. Adding earthy brown tones can add a semblance of personal touch. Here the vanity does just that. A simple no nonsense design with no grand counter, but still a brush of old wordly and intimate.We love its practical design, perfect to store away the little things around the bathroom.

1. Wall mounted fixtures

Wall mounted fixtures are a great way to free up the bathroom floor. These not only add to the space, they create a better sense of tidiness too. These ultra modern sink and toilet are a part of the same design range along with the mirror and cabinet and add a minimalist touch to this bathroom. If needed, storage can be created under to make the most of every inch.

2. Mirror magic

It is no secret, mirrors are often added to small spaces to make them look bigger. So what if it's just a trick. Visual impact has multiple consequences. To start with, mirrors may immediately ward of feelings of claustrophobia. Choose from a floor to ceiling mirror on one of the walls or a eclectic mix of mirrors of different shapes and sizes if you want to create a playful ambiance. 

4. Counters along the wall

When you need to make the most of every inch of space, narrow counters like this one can do wonders. While we all love the idea of extra storage in the bathroom, creating closed cabinets and regular shelves can clutter the room. Open wall mounted counters like this are easy to install and can be fixed in any part of the bathroom, over the sink, over the toilet or in the shower. You won't see them taking space while still offering a great way to keep those shampoo bottles and other toiletries.

5. Hang in style

From Valencia With Design, Yonoh Yonoh

If you have rented a place and do not wish to make any permanent changes, hangers or hooks are the right bet for your small bathroom. These hooks can be drilled or simply glued on to the walls. Use it to hang clothes etc, or like in this image, hang cute little baskets that are perfect to hold toiletries etc. Functional and pretty at the same time, don't you think?

6. Glass wall

Now now, we know what you are thinking! Why would anyone want to have a see through glass in one of the bathroom walls? But hey, its not that. While the person inside can see the going abouts outside, to anyone on the other side, it would just be a large mirror! How unique is that, using the one way glass in a home and just perfect for a small bathroom conundrum.

7. Rounded showers

Make the most of the corners by installing a shower cabin that has a round design. It will give you much more elbow space than an angular one for the corner. Notice how all the amenities are neatly arranged in this super tiny bathroom. There isn't much free space, yet, all elements are present including accessories like the indoor plant. Now that's such beautiful addition above the mirror!

8. Extend the counters

You can never really get enough of bathroom counters, can you? If the sink counter is planned, why not have it extend it up till the end? This can create better symmetry and order in the bathroom. Instead of creating separate counters on different walls and at different levels, a single largish counter on one side will serve just right.

9. Rounder corner shelves

Corner shelves are a huge saviour in small bathrooms. From low cost plastic ones to designer cut glass ones, corner shelves allow usage of every corner. The rounded design again, is practical and makes perfect sense in a compact bathroom. Soaps, shampoos, body wash bottles and even magazines and books can go on these little shelves.

10. Wall mounted faucets

Once you have the faucet on the wall, the sink and vanity will demand lesser space. Narrower smaller size sinks in turn will free up the precious space in a tiny bathroom. Wall mounted faucets need specialized plumbing but can be amazing space savers. 

11. Do away with shower curtains

If you have a small bathroom, consider letting go of the shower curtains and instead install glass partitions. For privacy, translucent, colored or patterned glass can be used. Glass takes up less space, makes the space look tidy and also make the room look bigger visually.

12. Extend the view

Now this kind of view from the bathroom may be a rarity, but if you are fortunate to have an open view from your bathroom window, consider this bold one way glass option. Why not take advantage of the outdoors and make it a part of the bathroom ambiance? The glass visibly expands the space indoors.

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