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15 ideas to arrange your bed around the bedroom window

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Windows connect the inside of the home with the outside world. Apart from bringing in airy freshness and warm sunlight to ventilate the space, they also decorate each and every room of the home. The openness they bring cannot be achieved with doors due to security reasons. With windows what we get inside our home is brightness and fresh energy which can be controlled as per our comfort and desire.

However, every coin has two sides. With immense benefits, windows can become a trouble point in home especially if it is of our bedroom. We cannot avoid having windows in bedrooms. But sometimes it can become challenging to accommodate and reap the benefit of windows in the bedroom. It might be aesthetically disorganized or placed in ways making it difficult to arrange the bedroom furniture. The professionals of homify understand your problems and are committed to solve it. So today we bring you 15 different styles of placing bed in or around the windows of the bedroom and make it functionally useful, secure and cozy. Have a look!

​1. Bed occupying the corner with window on its side

Shutter doors covering the window with comfortable daybed stretched along its length and other window of the room covered with blinds with window garden adoring it; it is modern and stylish.

2. Bed under the window which is not in the center of the bedroom

When the best possible place to keep the bed is just under the window; do it with confidence and make it a part of bedroom decoration. Use the wall near the window so that window is not alone and lonely there. 

3. King-size bed guarded by two bedroom windows

King-size bed, a stretch of wall behind it and then two windows on the two sides with headboard extending up to cover portion of both windows; the style of the bed and windows matches with the modern theme of the bedroom.

4. Large and small bedroom windows around the bed

Two small and slim windows on both sides of the headboard of the bed and one large window on the side which opens up to the balcony; freshness comes with a view.

5. Bed just under the bedroom window

Though this bedroom window design is not at the center of the room, but its height keeps it clear and well above the bed and its headboard. The wall between the window and bed is uniformly covered with texture on the wall adding colour in this modern bedroom.

6. Diagonally opposite bedroom windows

Diagonally opposite windows and bed in the middle of them, freshness rushes to fill the room to make it bright and shiny.

7. Cover for the bedroom window

When the window is placed right near the headboard of the bed, all you need is a good curtain to block the early morning sunlight if you are not an early riser and to block the dazzling city light in the night.

8. Bed on the adjacent side of the bedroom window

When the room is small and every inch matters the only option is to make the maximum use of space smartly. A wall called is window and bed placed on the adjacent side, the floor to ceiling window creates an illusion of roominess in the small bedroom.

9. Rustic setting near the bedroom windows

Seating arrangement under the long window and bed placed in the center of two windows of the rustic style bedroom is an amalgamation of rustic with modern setting.

​10. Covering the bedroom window with wooden panel

A bed leaning against the bedroom window covered with wooden panels extends up to the walls of the room making it look uniform. Even if you change the settings and bring the bed under the window instead of on the side, it will look and feel the same.

11. Windows on the adjacent walls of bedroom

Place the bed under one window and keep the other free from any other obstruction to flush the room with freshness and brightness. So even if a part of the window is covered with headboard, still there is enough openness left for air and light to enter the room.

12. Bed just up to the windowpane of bedroom window

In Indian homes where every bedroom needs to offer a proper space for a small bathroom, built-in wardrobe, large bed and other accessories, it becomes quite challenging to provide proper attention to the windows inside the room. In this scenario, customise your bed in such a way that the headboard just reaches the windowpane leaving the window open for use. Cover the window with screens and curtains and dress it in style.

​13. Bed occupying the corner with window on its side

Shutter doors covering the window with comfortable daybed stretched along its length and other window of the room covered with blinds with window garden adoring it; it is modern and stylish.

​14. Window at the end of long and narrow bedroom

When the bedroom is long and rectangular the only place to keep the bed is at the end of the room below the window. Use the empty wall beside the window so that window becomes a part of the room décor. Design the headboard that will cover the wall from floor up to the windowpane and cover the window with blinds for peaceful sleep.

15. House of windows in the bedroom

Windows making the two side of the room with wall in the middle to break the monotony of openness and provide some privacy in the room can be used to place the bed near it. It all depends on you how you want to dress up the window.

A few more tips

Placing the bed precisely opposite to the bedroom window is a great way to welcome fresh air and sunlight in a small bedroom, without experiencing any discomfort as the bed is still at a distance from the window. This position for the bed also allows you to make the most of the bedroom window design as you can sit or lie down on the window seating and read your books while enjoying a pleasant view of the outside.

Here, the bed can be seen entirely surrounded by windows, where each window allows ample natural light to enter and brighten up the entire space. Also, it is essential to note that although a significant portion of the window behind the bed has been covered with the headboard, the bedroom window on its side can still maintain proper ventilation and invite light into the room. For the best bedroom layout, you can always ask the professionals to customise the bed by keeping in mind the size of the windows so that height of the bed does not block the window in any manner.

Which of these ideas inspired you? Let us know in the comments.

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