12 Vastu compliant garage tips for your home

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Casa Santo Antônio, Roma Arquitetura Roma Arquitetura Modern garage/shed
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Have you ever wondered why since you bought a new car it's been prone to accidents and has been needing constant trips to the service centre? Have you observed a spike in squabbling incidents with neighbors due to parking allotments? Have you ever thought, this bad stroke of luck could be due to non compliance of Vastu principles in your garage? It is true, Vastu can have multi dimensional consequences. You can bring in Vastu elements for your new or existing garage for a better balance that can help cast away such negative effects. 

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu science of architecture. It aims to blend architecture with nature and religious beliefs, mostly Hindu and in some cases, Buddhist. Vastu enfolds all aspects of design, from planning, layout and building and stresses the importance of directions based on weather, wind, rain, sun and even the topogarphy of the location, apart from many other finer aspects. Professionals in this field are well aware of limitations of present day space availability in cities and can guide home owners well about how Vastu can be implemented.

So while Vastu for home interiors is quite popular, have you ever considered Vastu for your garage? If you have the belief, Vastu can do wonders to your overall well being.

So here are 12 Vastu tips for the garage that you can consider.

1. A north west facing Vastu garage

Garage MJ Kanny Architect Tropical style garage/shed

Follow this and you would be able to take care of one of the most basic Vastu element. Directions are extremely important in Vastu Shastra and if you are constructing a new house, make sure, this is aspect is included in the plan. For an existing house, check if there is room for remodelling. Many architects, designers and planners offer Vastu consultation and advisory in addition to their regular services.

2. Vastu compliant garage roof

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This slanting roof in a beautiful old worldly home is perfect for that cozy winter home. If something like this is in your mind, make sure that the roof slopes from South to North or from West to East. A Vastu compliant roof will add the benefits of clear energy and positive vibes to your home. While still in the works, ask your architect to add this feature to the building.

3. Enough space to walk around

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Is your car too big for the garage? Have you bought a car that fits just enough in the parking? Think about it. Vastu recommends sufficient space to walk around the garage once the car is parked inside. A cramped/ tight space is bound to add negative energy in the house. Make sure, there is enough free space for energy to flow to and fro.

4. Vastu recommended entrance to the garage

Garage entrance is best located in the North or East direction. This modern garage has all the makings of an uber cool design. Combined with Vastu principles, this space has the potential to uplift the house's good energies too.

5. North or east facing car

homify Tropical style houses

While garage itself must face north west, the car should face north or east. This brings in a better sense of balance and positivity. Try parking your car in this way and you will see its positive effects overall. 

6. Vastu garage and main gate

Residência Baes, Pz arquitetura e engenharia Pz arquitetura e engenharia Minimalist garage/shed

Vastu elements work in sync with all aspects of the building. There are many recommendations involving the relative height of walls of the house, walls of the compound to the garage walls. One of them is that the height of the entrance gate to the house must be greater than the height of the garage gate. This is a noteworthy as it is a clear privacy feature as well. 

7. Vastu compliant garage slope

Casa E, PJV Arquitetura PJV Arquitetura Modern garage/shed

There is a detail about garage slope as well. The ideal direction for the garage slope or the ramp is towards East or North. Most buildings are constructed on a higher base than the road outside and therefore, slopes/ ramps/ steps are a common and necessary feature. Take care that the garage slope is vastu compliant. Again, for an already constructed house, check with a Vastu professional, how to include this feature or ways to dillute the negative effects of a wrong one already in place.

8. Vastu garage car parking direction

Casa Santo Antônio, Roma Arquitetura Roma Arquitetura Modern garage/shed

The car must never be parked facing West or South direction. As per Vastu, these directions are prone to fire hazards. This may seem a bit absurd to some, but the ancient science is built upon time tested principles and beliefs. Answers to all can be found when delving into deeper meanings and relevance of such recommendations in Vastu Shastra studies.

9. Gargage wall color as per Vastu

Catalogo Furlan Mobili: Una piccola selezione di armadi, de-cube de-cube Modern garage/shed Garages & sheds

Use of lightest colors possible is most recommended for garage walls as per Vastu. Garage spaces are, in most cases windowless closed and secure places. Painting the walls in dark hues is not the best idea as it may create a sense of smaller space and claustrophobia. White, off white, cream, yellow or light shades in different hues can do wonders not only visually but will be Vastu compliant as well.

10. No inflammables in the garage please

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Garages often double up as store rooms. Hardware, old household items, exercise equipment and even discarded items end up in the garage more often than not. While all is acceptable, there must be no inflammable items in the garage. Apart from being an obvious hazard risk, flammable items are not recommended to be stashed away in the garage.

11. Low mobility and its reason your gagage's Vastu

Did you buy a new car with the hope that it will make your life much easier; you'd have better mobility and convenience? But post the purchase, it hasn't lived up to the expectation? Have you been using the car not as frequently? Has it been going to repairs more often? The reasons could be wrong Vastu of your garage. A garage facing South West leads to very less usage and more repairs. Who knew that negative energies can have such vast consequences. So take care that the garage is facing the right direction.

12. No trash garage

Casa MaLi, MiD Arquitectura MiD Arquitectura Modern garage/shed

Lets accept it, garage space often ends up as a storehouse of all things redundant. While its great to have extra storage room, take care it does not accumulate trash. Discard items that are no longer in use. Have a garage sale for saleable items and donate the rest. 

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