False ceilings design ideas by interior designers in Bangalore

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This compilation of designer false ceilings by TASA Interior Designer is sure to wow you. The Interior Designers & Decorators in Bangalore have done a fantastic job in creating a bunch of different designs that reflect different décor styles, use different materials and even different colour schemes. Walking through these designs will definitely inspire you to go home and reimagine how your perfect ceiling should look like. So let’s take a look.

The earthy tones

This false ceiling is ideal for modern bedrooms and created with concrete and paint. The designers have opted to go for geometric shapes and designs and create a wonderful design. So when you look above, you see clean shapes, a neat design and some warm and earthy tones. As it is a ceiling, the designers have incorporated the fan and light fixtures into the design itself.

​The neon number

We love this design particularly because of how ultra modern it is. This ceiling design is all about concealed lighting, which is the rage these days. So what we have here is a false ceiling made with PoP. The designers have cleverly fitted lighting inside the middle square design in order to create the illusion of light emitting from the ceiling itself. There are smaller light fixtures as well, for practical purposes.

Simple and elegant

This ceiling design is a lesson in the basics of design. It is simple and elegant, and doesn’t take up too much space. However, the design creates a wonderful look for the ceiling. The design is a combination of various lengths of PoP attached to the ceiling. The uneven lengths create a fun, geometric design.

​The grand ceiling

This ceiling design definitely belongs in a palace. We love how the crystal chandelier has taken the centre stage in the entire design. A special space has been created in the centre in order to hold the chandelier in place. Surrounding this square is a panel of wood that adds a little warmth to the design. This is perfect for classic living rooms or dining rooms.

​The futuristic ceiling

This ceiling is one that can definitely be used in a child’s room. It is simple, fun and overall very modern. The light emitting from within the circles is due to concealed lighting. We are very sure that children would let their imagine run wild if they have such a false ceiling in their rooms.

The wooden ceiling

There is nothing better than a ceiling design that incorporates beautiful wood. The designers have kept it simple with the design, but gone all out to make sure the wood is polished and looks great. The combination of white and brown is a classic and will never go out of style.

Mirror, Mirror on the ceiling

This is a very unique design, because the designers have used mirror to create the illusion of a large room. The room seems almost endless with the glass in the ceiling. Being practical, the designers have affixed a wooden panel in the centre for the fan.

The modern ceiling

Ending on a beautiful note, we have this extra elegant ceiling design. We love the use of PoP and wood panels to create a fun, geometric design, which also incorporates some wonderful lighting. The shape is quite unique as well.

while the lighting takes the experience to the next level - An elegant and artistic living room design in Surat.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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