6 ideas to make your home a space of regeneration

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With the busy lives each and everyone lives, there must be a time of respite. After a day at work, or a day out and about, there should be a special time allotted for everyone to have their own private resting time. When a person is not well rested, not only will they feel it but every bodily function will show that there is a lack there: anguish and mental tensions are heightened, the energy runs low and everything just seems like a much harder task at hand. To regenerate is to recharge one's batteries in preparation for the next day to come. To do so the home must have at least one room set up for comfort; a place where relaxing the mind and body comes naturally. The following inspirations will illustrate how a regenerating home can be accomplished.

Intimate bedroom

The bedroom is by far the most important room for regeneration because that is where rest and sleep happens. The image shown here is a wonderful inspiration for a bedroom with its colour tones as well as the cosy and inviting bed. There are four stages to a good regenerating night sleep. The first is when a person is in the process of falling asleep, their eyelids are heavy, their mind is still relatively awake but sleepy. The second stage consists of being a lot less aware, the body temperature drops, the heart rate and respiratory rhythm become more even and regulated. Then comes the third stage which is when the muscles begin to relax, the blood pressure and breathing drop. This is the perfect setup for the last and most important stage which is the deep sleep. Oddly enough, the deep sleep stage  is when the body immobilises and releases all tensions to regenerate, but it is a time when the brain starts to activate to create dreams. The final stage of sleep is the one that is the most important one because it is the only one that truly provides complete and adequate rest.

Cosy lounging

The image here is a marvellous example of how the living room can be set up to relax away the hours or to have a power nap. Firstly, the colour pallet of the room is one that isn't too loud, where earthy tints such as creamy beige, charcoal grey and eggshell white predominate. This means that these colour tones are not distracting and won't disturb anyone trying to rest or lounge in this room. Furthermore, the entire setup of this living room has been planned according to a mindset of peaceful serenity. The sprawled out comfy couches are almost calling out fore someone to come and lounge on them. The room is also bathing in natural sunlight which is always a better option than artificial lighting. The final touch which is probably one of the best, is the plush sandy coloured carpet. Who wouldn't want to walk barefoot on this comforting carpet?

Garden enjoyment

Spending some time in the sun is known to be quite regenerating. The natural light of the sun provides the crucial vitamin D that the body requires on order to absorb calcium for the skeleton as well as being helpful to maintain an uplifted mood. There is nothing quite like taking a nap in the sunlight. The image shown is a great example of how an afternoon can be spent and enjoyed in the sun. Instead of the regular seating normally found in a garden, the designers have chosen to add a spread out bed that is ideal for sunbathing, reading a book or enjoying some time with family and friends. To regenerate, the decor must be adapted to this idea and permit comfortable lounging. This design has been made possible by Taller Estilo Arquitectura.

Movie night escape

During a rainy day or a day off, one of the best ways to regenerate is to escape into another world while watching a captivating film. Comfortable seating has been provided in this media room that is tinted in dark colours which is ideal for a great movie experience. The secluded feel of this room caters to the escape and relaxation that films or watching favourite television shows offer. Sometimes all a person needs is some time to plunge into the plot of a film to temporarily turn off their brain for a few hours. For a media room to be regenerating, it must be closed off from the outside world and set up in a cosy manner by choosing inviting couches and decor colours that won't be too buoyant or distracting as shown in the picture here.

Exercise room

For some people, the simple thought of exercising can sound like a hefty chore to accomplish. Naturally, excercising requires effort and sweat but it is always for a good cause. When all the cells and muscles of the body are activated with exercise, muscular tensions are released, the lungs expand, the blood flows rapidly through the the body and the mind releases all stresses encountered during the day. When trying to quit smoking, excercising is also a good way to avoid any temptation. This rooms provides a perfect setting for an exercise or yoga session because is it well lit: the natural sunlight flows evenly through the room. High ceilings and windows also provide good ventilation and the calming wood tint gives a relaxing feel to this room. After all the exercises are done, one can enjoy the sensaton of all the knots in the body being released and a generalised feeling of being lighter in one's skin. A hammock has been set up for that exact purpose.

Bathroom paradise

Last but not least, is a room that is sometimes forgotten when it comes to think about relaxing and regenerating: the bathroom. Taking a warm bubble bath after coming home from work or right before heading to bed is like having a little piece of paradise for an hour or two. Even a shower has calming attributes that help in the regenerating process. Taking care of oneself results in feeling better about one's appearance which means one less thing to worry about. To rest is to in some way, let go and delve off into comfort and relaxation. The image shown here is of a lavish and sumptuous bathroom that has a large whirlpool bath. Having a bathtub this size is perfect to sprawl out and enjoy the water because there is nothing more unnerving than being constricted in a small space while trying to relax. Also the overall white sets a peaceful tone for this regenerating bathroom.

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