How to use LED lights for home interiors

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How to use LED lights for home interiors

Sunita Vellapally Sunita Vellapally
Modern living room by homify Modern
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Most homeowners switch to LED lights because they are energy-efficient and long-lasting. However, when used in the right manner in the interior design, they can completely transform the look of a home. Nowadays, decorative LED light bulbs are available in a range of colours, and when paired with control gear, they can add an interesting element to the décor of a room.

While considering LED lighting ideas for homes, a vital aspect is to ensure that the design blends with the style and décor throughout the house. In this ideabook, we present tips, prices, design ideas and everything else one needs to know before installing LED light bulbs in the home.

What are the different types of LED lights that can be used for home décor?

The reason most people prefer to use LED bulbs for their homes is that they last longer and save energy costs. There are several types of LED bulbs and lights that can be used to fit seamlessly into the décor of a room.

LED bulbs

These are the replacement for conventional incandescent bulbs. While earlier many homeowners resisted using LED lights because they couldn’t recreate the warm glow of incandescent bulbs, nowadays LED bulbs are available in three variants – warm white, cool white and daylight colour. Warm white emits the same colour as halogen bulbs. Cool white replicates the light of fluorescent tube light, whereas daylight colour is a stark white light with a slight tint of blue to highlight the true colour of elements in a room.

A point to note here is that if dimmer switches were used for existing halogen bulbs, they need to be replaced as LED bulbs have a lower wattage than regular bulbs.

LED lighting tubes

While they are designed to replace fluorescent tube lights, they usually comprise a series of smaller lights that run along the length of the tube. In some cases, the LED lights can replace an existing tube, whereas sometimes it will need rewiring and replacement of the ballast.

False ceiling with cove lighting Modern living room by homify Modern

False ceiling with cove lighting


SMD or surface mounted LED lights

These lights are usually mounted on a surface and contain a chip that enhances its brightness. They also last much longer.


While Chip on Board (COB) lights also have a chip, they emit a light that is denser than that of an SMD light. They offer great energy efficiency as they provide higher lumens with a lower wattage.

Graphene LED lights

These refer to an LED bulb in which the filament is coated in graphene. They are said to be 10 per cent more energy efficient than other LED lights.

Consult an interior designer for help with choosing the right LED lights for the home.

What are the advantages of using LED lighting fixtures?

Dining area Modern dining room by homify Modern

Dining area


Besides the fact that they bring a modern look to the home interiors, LED lights have several benefits.

Energy efficient

Compared to traditional lights, which convert around 80 per cent of the energy to heat and only 20 per cent to light, LED light bulbs are around 80 per cent more efficient.

Variety of sizes

Unlike traditional bulbs that come in standard sizes, LED bulbs are available in a wide range of sizes starting from a few millimetres, making them suitable even for small spaces.


Even though they are more expensive than traditional lights, LED lighting fixtures last much longer. This justifies the additional expense.

Led Drop lights in the pooja room ceiling Modern corridor, hallway & stairs by Hasta architects Modern
Hasta architects

Led Drop lights in the pooja room ceiling

Hasta architects

No heat emission

LED bulbs don’t emit heat compared to traditional bulbs. As a result, one doesn’t have to worry about burns from touching the bulbs.


Since they are not built from any toxic materials, LED light bulbs are eco-friendly and are 100% recyclable.

No delay in lighting up

Unlike fluorescent tube lights that take some time to light up when switched on, LED bulbs turn on instantly.

Free from UV emissions

These bulbs are an excellent solution for spaces that are sensitive to heat as they don’t have harmful emissions.

What are the different types of LED lighting fixtures that can be used in interior decoration?

LED bulbs are versatile and come in an array of styles that can easily replace traditional lights. They can be used as cove lights, recessed lights, track lights, downlights, panel lights and tube lights, among other options.

Get inspired by these innovative lighting ideas.

In which rooms are LED lights ideal?

Since LED lights come in a range of sizes and options, they can be used in almost any area of the home to create the desired ambiance.

LED lighting ideas for living rooms

In a living room, there should be a mix of lighting fixtures to adjust the brightness and keep the room comfortable. A combination of recessed LED lights on the ceiling with spotlights to highlight paintings or accessories can bring a lot of sophistication. Dimmer switches can be installed to control the intensity of the light.

Find ideas on how to use LED spotlights to highlight features in a living room.

Interiors Modern style bedroom by Spaces Alive Modern
Spaces Alive


Spaces Alive

LED lighting ideas for bedrooms

Bedrooms need a soothing ambiance. Therefore, while choosing LED light bulbs for the area, it’s best to avoid those that emit blue light as this interferes with the sleep patterns. For reading, a brighter white lamp can be installed near the bedside. LED strip lighting can be used to highlight a feature in the room.

LED lighting ideas for kitchens

Besides providing ambient lighting through cove or recessed lighting, a popular application of LED lights in the kitchen is strip lighting under the cabinets to brighten up the work surfaces.

LED lighting ideas for bathrooms

LED lighting is a great solution for small bathrooms as they don’t emit heat. They can be recessed in the ceiling to keep the entire room well lit. Additionally, as a decorative feature, strip lighting can be installed behind the mirror or along the floor to create an interesting element in the room.

Using LED lighting for staircases

In stairwells, a popular way to install LED lights is under each step. This is not only a functional feature as it prevents accidents but also adds beauty to the area.

MDF Bar Counter with fully automated LED lights by Design Atelier Modern
Design Atelier

MDF Bar Counter with fully automated LED lights

Design Atelier

LED lighting for terraces and gardens

In outdoor spaces, LED bulbs can be used in several ways. Nowadays, one finds planters that glow at night due to an LED light installed within. If the terrace has a bar counter, strip lighting can be fixed along the edge as a decorative feature. Similarly, LED strip lighting along the pathway in a garden creates a magical aura at night.

What is the cost of installing LED lighting fixtures?

Independent Villa - Pune Modern dining room by DECOR DREAMS Modern

Independent Villa—Pune


LED bulbs and fixtures are far more expensive than traditional bulbs and tube lights. However, considering their energy efficiency and durability, they are well worth the additional investment. The approximate range of prices of various LED lights are:

LED bulbs – INR 99 for a 0.5-watt white bulb to INR 1150 for a 14-watt warm white bulb

Wall lights – INR 1200 and upwards, depending on the wattage, the size and the area covered by the light

Ceiling lights – Starting from INR 1850 for a 12-watt light

Tube lights – INR 1000 for a 1-foot light to INR 2100 for a 16-watt LED tube

Spot lights – INR 1000 for a 6-watt LED spotlight to INR 3000 for a 9-watt spotlight with aluminium and cool daylight

Downlights – Ranging from INR 825 for 7-watts to INR 2000 for a 15-watt green coloured light

Replacing traditional bulbs with modern LED lights is not a difficult task if one uses an experienced electrician who can advise on the required wattage as well as the required accessories such as dimmer switches or control panels. However, for more complex designs such as installing LED lighting in the false ceiling, we recommend consulting one of the professional interior designers or architects on homify as they can help to transform the look of a room with the right mix of LED lighting fixtures.

In which room will you use LED lights? Answer in the comments.
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