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7 ideas for a perfect terrace

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Having a terrace at home is a great privilege. If you are part of the lucky ones that has a space like this, it is your duty to enjoy it. It is the ideal spot to gather your friends and family when the weather allows, enjoy delicious meals, or to organize large parties. Additionally, you can also find an intimate space on the terrace to enjoy a moment of peace and privacy.

When you devote time to your terrace, remember to show the same commitment that you would to building and decorating other areas of the house. If you have the opportunity to do so, invest in furniture and strong materials, but which are at the same time cosy and comfortable as it is functional.

In this ideabook, we give you seven ideas to make your terrace into a wonderful space.

Ideal location

The terrace can add more space to your living room or dining room, so its location is very important, as it should be accessible from inside the house in these areas. To determine the point of exit, we must consider the areas that would offer the best view. If we live on the top floor of a building, the ideal is to have the terrace at a point overlooking a nice landscape, but without creating any obstacle in said landscape. Remember, above all, to respect the order of the environment. If the terrace is on the ground floor, consider what the view should be. Maybe it will be a garden. The important thing is not to create obstacles on the horizon. In this wonderful picture from the atelier P + 0 Architecture, the terrace has a divine mountain view. A sunrise or sunset at this site is certainly very special.

Electing the best materials

Choosing the walls and floors of the terrace is an important point that should not be left to chance. A wooden floor will bring you warmth and personality and will be right for various decorative styles. However, choose a sturdy wood and give it a smooth finish that does not deteriorate quickly. For an area like the extension of a living room or a space to have meals, we can bet on a wooden floor to give a sense of warmth and demarcate this space with a distinct purpose. 

It is very important to have a covered area to protect the terrace from the sun or rain. The coverage of this terrace in the image is simple and modern. It works perfectly in this outdoor space. You can also opt for a wooden roof.

The importance of adequate furniture

Investing in comfortable furniture is essential to enjoy the terrace, since we spend long periods of time in this space, especially during the summer, and it is important that we feel comfortable. Benches, hammocks and cushioned sofas are excellent choices. Find options in various stores at very affordable rates. Choose a soft and fluffy textile for your experience to be the best possible.

Equipped to meet all needs

Terraces and gardens invite us to relaxed living and facilitate the enjoyment of good food and even better conversations with family and friends. For this reason, you should consider installing a barbecue area. The latter will depend on the size of the space available to you, as well as your financial possibilities. In the market you will certainly find one to your liking.

The presence of a water element is also important to enjoy the beauty and freshness of this environment. As in the case of a barbecue, you will also find a wide variety of models and designs to incorporate into your garden. Imagine yourself taking a nap, resting, or reading a book with flowing water sounding in the background? A delight.

Why not take it a step further, and add a fireplace? Well, not exactly in the image of the conventional fireplace, but an option similar to what you see in this picture. This way, even on cold days, you can use the terrace, warm your hands, or savour a good red wine by the fire.

Plants and flowers

Plants and flowers give life to any place because the colours and aromas offer a unique and special aspect to spaces. On a terrace, these are essential. Choose the best plants for your climate, taking into account the maintenance of each and inquire about the amount of light and water they need. Do not forget to find out the average height of the plants chosen because they must harmonize with the space instead of creating an obstacle in it.

Good lighting

Good lighting is key when night falls. It should be warm, welcoming and at the same time providing good visibility to move without unwanted accidents. Placing lights at floor level is a good idea as they help to bring out the details of the terrace and magnify the beauty of the plants. In the largest circulation areas it is important to choose a good light not only because of the question of functionality mentioned above, but also for the safety of the home.

The personal touch in decorating

No matter the size of the terrace, or how many elements incorporated into it, the most important point is to create a space that allows you to disconnect for a while. 

Print your personality on your terrace, lend it notes of bright colours, soft textiles, furniture with natural fibres, candles, and beautiful vases to house even more beautiful flowers. 

This is really a space you can decorate according to your tastes. Especially if you have a small terrace, you can reserve it as a private or more intimate area, leaving entertainment to other spaces in and around the house. In this manner you can add accessories that are unique to your own personality. Having a private oasis is not so difficult!

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