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If you want to change the way your home looks, and add some new textures and elements to liven up the living spaces this summer, then you can rely on the pros for help. With over 20 years of experience, CKW LIFESTYLE has established a remarkable reputation as one of the leading decorators in Johannesburg.

Sometimes all you need to make a significant change in your home is to simply give your home a “facelift” by add different textures, colours and furnishings. Then you already start seeing a change. At homify, you can find a variety of professionals such as interior designers and more to help you complete your project.

A fresh escape

This spacious outdoor seating area of this amazing residence creates a luxurious vibe with the right blends of styles and accents. It is truly a lovely area to just sit back and relax while you take in the fresh outdoor air deep into your lungs and enjoy the surrounding views.

Fine dining

This lovely dining room has a place for six people and extra seating. The designers took the chic approach by implementing some stylish tableware, accessories, and just the right amount of lighting to accentuate this living space’s best features.

Luxurious gathering

This lounge area spells sophistication and design excellence. It features some eye-catching chandeliers, gorgeous furniture and simply oozes luxury. From the materials that make up the couches and ottomans, to the elegant glass coffee table in the centre, every piece brings with it its very own characteristics that attribute to the elegance displayed in this living space.

An entrance fit for royalty

Call them the gatekeepers to this palace of a residence. These two dragons, one at each post at the entrance make for a very stylish and regal entrance following a stairway up to the front door of this home in Johannesburg. The rugged walls along the passage leading up the stairs are a stunning touch that simply adds to the larger picture that is of style, confidence, and luxury.

Neutral blends

This living room highlights some beautiful neutral blends that welcome the grey walls as seen here. Interior designers carefully combined the best elements while paying close attention to detail.

Relax and recoupe

Designers created a lovely relaxing space in this corner of the home. The residents can have a drink and relax here as well as take in the lovely aspects of the outdoor garden; it’s the perfect choice after a long day at work.

Summer fun in the pool

This home features a lovely pool and outdoor patio that is simply great for entertaining guests outdoors on those sunny warm days.

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Spectacular views

This home is simply amazing, here is another great vantage point of the entrance. The combinations of brick cladding-like walls along with plaster and wooden beams set the tone to a modern home in Johannesburg.

Chic sophistication

Attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of decorating and interior design. The designers added some liveliness with this beautiful white orchid, as flowers tend to give that sense of calm and beauty. While the room also displays some, clever touches of accents like these throws, for example, to blend with the colour scheme.  

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