Low Budget Tricks to improve your small kitchen

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Personalised Rustic Wooden Chopping / Cheese Board - in 4 Sizes, The Rustic Dish The Rustic Dish Rustic style kitchen
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Do you feel conscious or embarrassed about your small kitchen when guests walk in from the living room and cast a curious look around the area? Designer kitchen cannot be afforded by everyone and most city dwellers deal with the convenience and quirks of tiny kitchens in rental apartments. A kitchen should be a place that you can enjoy and cherish instead of cringing every time there are unexpected guests at home. Whether a home is owned or rented it is your duty as the owner to make every area presentable in such a way that it represents your taste. You need not spend several thousands on kitchen improvements as small touches to different areas can transform its ambience. Here are a few inspirational ideas that can bring positive change in a small modern kitchen without burning a hole in your pocket.

Open up your storage

Keep your kitchen tools and other paraphernalia that are used in the region out of view of guests as too many objects on the counter or in the sink will make the area appear cluttered and small. If you lack storage space below the counter then create open storage space above the counter and see if adjustments can be made in existing cabinets. Increase drawer capacity with dividers and apply pull-out shelves to a large cabinet that will help you to create a more organized kitchen and free up storage space. Overhead floating shelves without doors above the kitchen counter create an illusion of space and you can always add hooks to the bottom level to hang essentials like cups or spoons. A mix of open and closed shelves in different tones to coincide with colors of the kitchen like the ones here in a DIY experiment can make the area appear lively and will not pinch the pocket.

Bring in flowers and plants

The Old Mill Kitchen, NAKED Kitchens NAKED Kitchens Scandinavian style kitchen
NAKED Kitchens

The Old Mill Kitchen

NAKED Kitchens

For every cook the kitchen is a form of personal refuge and he uses the room to bolster creativity and fine tune cooking skills. Potted plants go a long way in bringing tranquillity and harmony in the kitchen and bring warmth to the soul with their tender flowers. The three artistically placed potted plants in this all white Scandinavian style kitchen bring beauty and color into the area and cost as much as a set of cutlery or knives. The joy of watching flowers blooming in the area takes away the stress of trying out new recipes or planning an elaborate dinner after a long day at work. The simplistic color and design scheme of this Scandinavian kitchen gets a fillip by the delicate flowers kept in white glass bowls in different locations.

Buy large chopping boards

Personalised Rustic Wooden Chopping / Cheese Board - in 4 Sizes, The Rustic Dish The Rustic Dish Rustic style kitchen Kitchen utensils
The Rustic Dish

Personalised Rustic Wooden Chopping / Cheese Board—in 4 Sizes

The Rustic Dish

A kitchen is incomplete without a handy chopping board and in a small kitchen it adds to the décor as you can place it over the sink during meal preparations. A large wooden chopping board can be used for cutting down everything that is required within the kitchen and also as a makeshift tray in an emergency. This custom made kitchen chopping board from The Rustic Dish can be proudly displayed in a small kitchen for posterity.

Show your funky appliances

In a narrow or small kitchen one cannot experiment much with fussy details like islands and elaborate cabinetry as this would clutter up the open space. Create an impression on your guests with latest kitchen appliances if you are constrained by space to floor them with other latest arrangements like breakfast nook or long marble counter. The kitchen visible here is small and also has to accommodate a dining table in the little open space before the counter. The kitchen here has been given white interiors and all the  electronic gadgets have been lined up together against the wall while overhead cabinets have been built into the wall to create an illusion of wide space. Dark cabinets below the counters provide sufficient space for utensils and other essential gadgets. White cabinets made above and below the oven and microwave to keep tools that would be required by these gadgets like recipe books, gloves, and special utensils.

Show your tea towels

Neighbors and friends coming over for chat over tea and snacks? This is the best time to show off your beloved collection of hand embroidered tea towels and earn their appreciation. Even if you do not have any knowledge of embroidery you can always buy them from stores specializing in handmade tea towels. There is an old world charm about beautiful tea towels that usually are handed over from mother to daughter through generations and can be the pride of any kitchen owner. 

For more kitchen improvement ideas on a budget refer to this ideabook.

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