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A Simple Home Providing Ultimate Comfort and Luxury

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by FingerHaus GmbH - Bauunternehmen in Frankenberg (Eder) Modern
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Let us take a tour of the stylish VENTUR 320—Sonderplanung Kundenhaus by Fingerhaus GMBH, home builders in Frankenberg, Germany. The simple dignified home looks quite spacious from outside. Like many other German houses, this house too has a slightly slanting roof. Houses in Germany are trying to combine old architectural styles with modern contemporary designs. The result is a modern creation which combines space, structure and style in a unique avatar. Some of the most beautiful homes in Germany are built in the countryside, because more and more people are looking for the luxury of spending their lives amidst nature. Let us take a walk through this lovely house and find out more.

Simple and robust facade

As you stand before the facade, you will notice that the middle portion juts out. The slightly protruding roof and the large windows in the front of the house are among its best features. The windows especially allow adequate sunlight to enter the abode. A stone and hedge boundary lends a casual appeal. Adding to this appeal is the paved pathway. A small wooden gate by the side adds to the rustic charm of the setting and endorses the feeling of the countryside. The soothing colour palette shows that the house is comfy and welcoming.

Chic living space

The informal plush living space shows how spaciousness can add glamour to a room. The feature wall in purple on one side with two beautiful sconce lights and small dainty windows add glitz to the room. The white sofas with a combination of pink and white cushions and the red lavish rug add splashes of colour to the space. The wooden floor looks quite dignified. This room offers a range of pleasing contrasts with pale shades pitted against vibrant hues.

A quiet spot

When your home is the ultimate abode of luxury, there are some defining spaces which highlight this feature again and again. As you walk up the stairs, you arrive at a spot where a single white wicker chair stands in isolation. But it is this isolation which is the beauty of this bright and airy place. A half-concrete half-glass wall blocks some of the view. But the glazing is large and when you have imagination, you can simply lounge in the chair and weave colourful dreams!

Cheerful dining space

The dining room is simple and austere. But one closer look reveals that the simplicity brings out the beauty of this space. The large wooden table totally complements the wooden floor. Four white chairs break the monotony of dusky wood. But the best the feature of the room has to be the tall glass windows which adorn every side of the room giving it a much-needed sunny disposition. A sense of fleeting airiness pervades the room which makes it even more appealing.

Surprising kitchen

Let us look at some of the distinctive features of the kitchen and try to decide which creates the most impact. Is it the stylish ultra-modern wooden kitchen island which serves a dual purpose: that of a cabinet and a kitchen top? Or is it the lively green wall which is striking yet purposeful because it definitely breaks the monotony of white cupboards? Or maybe it is the unlikely yet impactful combination of wooden and slate coloured tiles which clearly shows a demarcation without creating a sense of clutter? Or is it the bright yellow flowers in a vase on the kitchen top which adds to the freshness of the room? We believe that all of these elements have come together to create magic in a subtle yet stunning way!

Smart staircase

The combination of metal and wood for the staircase is quite unusual, but produces the desired effect; that of awe and wonder associated with something new and unique. There is no ornamentation in this staircase, but it surely contributes to the overall effect of the room. Very cleverly, like the rest of the house, the floors show an artful blending of wooden and slate grey tiles. This demarcation acts as a clear division of two parts of the house without being loud.

As our tour ends, we are sure that you too will agree that empty spaces define this house. It adds to the beauty of the place and contributes to its understated dignity. Here is another ideabook to get your creative juices flowing – A simple home that steals your heart.

What do you like most about this tour? Please share with us in your comments below.
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