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Just the perfect room for a small adventurer

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Nobody likes boring decor in a room and definitely not a kid who hopes to become an adventurer! So if you have a little boy and are wondering how you can decorate his room so that he enjoys spending time there, wonder no more. The key to creating a perfect space for a little boy is to keep his likes, dislikes and passions in mind. While each kid is different, we have 6 tips for here that will help create the perfect room for every little adventurer!


The first thing to keep in mind while doing up a room for a little boy are the colours that you are going to use. While most people stick to safe shades of blue, it can get quite boring and look like every other boy's room. So if you want your kid's room to stand out from the crowd you can opt to mix other colours with blue, like this room designed by ACE INTERIORS in Bangalore which has the perfect mix of pale blue, bright green and off white. A feature wall like the one here with Mickey Mouse and his friends in a hot air balloon in clouds will make the room look even more stunning.


While making the room look fun is definitely important, practical aspects like storage also need to be taken into account. Turn a wall of the room into a cupboard with shelves, or create shelves and drawers underneath his bed to store his clothes and toys. You can even opt for quirky shelves like the one's here designed by MARENGO ESPACIOS Y FORMAS which look like trees, but have ample space to store his books, toys and even shoes.

Study table

No matter how adventurous your kid, he will still need a study area. If your boy is small you can opt for a study table like the one here with a blackboard top, which he can use as a slate and learn to write and draw. If he is a little older, opt for a more sensible study desk that has a comfortable chair, as well as ample space for his books, stationary and treasured toys like this one designed by ARCHANA SHAH & ASSOCIATES in Ahmedabad. 

Play area

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So make sure your little boy has a fun play area in his room. You can make an Arabian style tent in a corner if he likes stories like Arabian Nights, or make a teepee like the one in this room where he can map out his next adventure, or bring in a portion of a real tree and hang an old tyre with a rope to create a fun swing for him. Whatever you do just make sure it's child friendly.

Something special

Your little boy's room should have something special in it that reflects just him. If your kid loves to read, you can create a nook in the wall padded with velvet cushions like here, so that your kid has a comfy space to read. If your kid loves to play with cars you can keep a car shaped rocking chair. If your kid loves a particular cartoon character, incorporate that in a feature wall or rug. Whatever you pick make sure it is something special to your little boy.


Finally your little one should have a comfy bed where he can dream big. While a regular bed is fine and a bunk bed works if you have 2 kids, a single bed needn't be boring. You can opt for go for a bed that looks like a tent, or opt for a car shaped bed, or an interesting bed like the wooden tree house bed here to lend an adventurous vibe to the room. Hang a Fedora on the tree house bed to give it a more Indiana Jones feel. If you are looking for bunk beds, here are 5 simple bunk bed ideas.

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