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The lucky charm of your home, Jade plant is considered to be auspicious and symbol of good luck which brings in health and wealth wherever it grows. In addition to all its benefits, the greatest thing about this plant is that it is easy to grow and maintain and doesn’t require much of your love and care to flourish. All you need to do is just to bring it home and enjoy its lifelong benefits. You can let it grow in your living room or hallway. Today we have brought for you everything you want to know about this humble plant. It will surely encourage you to get one for your home because you deserve the best. Have a look!

​1. Jade plant can cheer up corners in your home

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A native of South Africa, this evergreen jade plant with round fleshy leaves has travelled the world and has been welcomed with zeal all over. In fact now it has adapted well to become a common houseplant in many countries. With proper care it can grow to be very large and can last lifetime spreading greenery all around. If you plan to have the jade plant around on a larger space, contact our lanscape architects.

2. Gift Jade plant for someone you love

Jade plant or money plant or Dollar plant or friendship plant; this one plant has many names because of the benefits and luck it brings along with it. Since it is auspicious, it can be an ideal gift for housewarming, wedding or ‘just like that’ to your friends and family. It will be a green and loving way to wish them health, wealth and good luck.

3. Decide where to place the Jade plant

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Welcome wealth and money home by placing healthy Jade plant at the main entrance of your home. Apart from beautifying the entrance, it will also attract good luck and money to your home. Another ideal location is southeast corner of your home or office. It’s important to note that Jade plant is good for office, restaurant, boutique, shops or any commercial establishments. After all doesn’t everyone need good luck charm to attract wealth at the work place? However, just remember to keep cactus and thorny plants away from Jade plant. Sharp pointy needles are toxic and will cut the positive vibes of Jade plant.

4. Share a Jade plant with friends

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Jade plant is also called ‘friendship plant’ for a reason. Cut a small portion and put it in a glass of water. Within a few days, it will root and grow into a new plant which you can share with your friends like many other things you share with them. Gifting a money plant is a good gesture which your friends will surely appreciate. Since this plant can survive for long, it will remain with your friends forever wishing then good fortune and prosperous life.

5. Care for the Jade plant as it comes with immense benefits

The most common mistake when caring for the plants is watering it. Too much of water and it will rot the roots. Too little water and the plant will struggle to survive. Still for Jade plant, too much of water will do more harm than less water. Check the soil before you water it. Water it only when soil is dry. If leaves are falling more than the normal shedding, it indicates lack of water in the soil. Keep the soil moist but not damp with water.

Jade plant is happy in its familiar environment, at least for a few years at a stretch. Living and flourishing in the same old pot with same soil and without being fertilized, it will grow well. Especially in fall or winter leave it undisturbed and do not fertilize it.

Happy Jade plant will bloom in winters and the flowers are beautiful. Keep it in cooler place away from direct light and it will be happy. Even during nights, keep it away from light and make sure that no light is focused on it.

6. Make the Jade plant your friend for life

Just a little love and care and Jade plant will be there for you forever. With time it will grow thick and big and branch to become a big tree, but it will not lose its beauty. In fact it will become more impressive with time.

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