25 balcony décor ideas for Indian homes

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The balcony holds a special place in our home. Maybe it is because this open space connects us to the world. Or maybe it is one that place of our home where we can enjoy the natural surroundings in the company of your loved ones or just yourself. One interesting fact about human personality is that we can conceptualize the similar looking balcony of same size, shape and design in the same apartment and make it into a completely different world.

The decoration of the external space should emphasise the freshness of nature and ways to enjoy it to the hilt. So while decorating the terraces and balcony make sure that you keep it simple and allow nature to adorn the space with its natural beauty. In rustic and minimalist atmosphere, flowers and greenery blossoms elegantly; let it bloom.

However, don’t be disheartened if your balcony is small. It’s a myth that large space can be decorated wonderfully. It’s not the size or shape of the space that makes it work. It’s your personal attitude and style sense that make it beautiful. There is no doubt that in a large space you have immense opportunity to play with different ideas and approach which definitely gets restricted in a small space. But the positive thing about small space is that you have limited space to do the brainstorming for decoration, it’s easy to maintain and with little effort you can create a cozy environment.

Apart from plants which bring in life to the balcony, the outer space can be decorated with soft lighting, cozy seating arrangements and colourful cushions to make it a warm and inviting space. Considering the importance of open space in our life and functionality it should offer, we have come up with 25 enchanting balcony decoration ideas by the landscape designers and architects. Have a look and get inspired!

​1. Decorated brightly with rustic touch

If you want a rustic feel with a modern touch and gently environment, decorate the balcony with a pergola, wooden flooring, coloured deck with comfortable seats and plants on pot surrounding it. Complement it with bright cushions to match with the brightness of sunlight.

2. Decorating a small balcony

In an apartment with small balcony, select the furniture smartly that fits into the space without compromising on comfort. Surround it with greenery and enjoy.

3. Recycling to decorate it with reused elements

If you like simple rugged look, then this style is just for you.

4. Styling the balcony with special lighting

The elegance and comfort of these balcony ideas will get elevated by soft and indirect lighting which will make evenings a pleasant and romantic experience.

5. Vertical and hanging decoration in small balcony

Create a vertical garden in small space thus leaving the floor free for movement.

6. Small balcony decorated with stylish wicker set

Decorate the balcony to make it functional with comfortable wicker chairs and coffee table and recline to relax with a view.

7. Decorating it with colours

Show your love for colours in your balcony and make it vibrant with cushions and accessories to make it a colourful décor.

8. Create a small garden in balcony

Nothing can decorate the balcony better than garden with plants and flowers blooming and spreading the colours of joy in the small space.

9. Decorating it with just a few elements

Two chairs and a coffee table is enough to functionally decorate the balcony. Of course balcony decoration is enhanced when colours are added to it like here.

​10. Cozy balcony perfect for winters

Close you balcony with glass and make it perfect even for winters. You can enjoy the winter evenings protected from chill without cutting off the view.

​11. Soft décor for a small balcony

This is a small and organized balcony for those who love a splash of colour around them. Ordinary floor is made special by vinyl flooring running through it.

12. Decorated in neutral shade

If wood and neutral shade makes you feel calm, relaxed and at home, then colour your balcony in it. Include plants in front balcony designs in the background and enjoy the sojourn.

​13. Narrow balcony decorated delightfully

If it’s a narrow space, keep it simple and let the simplicity weave the magic.

​14. Combination of many elements

Make it cozy and comfortable by combining the best of many and creating a balance.

​15. Decorated in retro theme

Stone brick wall, wooden windows and a coloured bench; it’s a décor shouting retro theme and style.

16. Clean and comfy

Less is more! Create a clean environment through minimalist look and comfort through a comfortable rattan swing.

​17. Half for seating half for garden

This can easily become a family room with comfortable sofa on one side and garden in the balcony arranged on the other.

​18. Decorated naturally with bamboo

Stay connected with nature and natural element with a balcony decorated with bamboo and bamboo products.

19. Simple details in small balcony

When unsure how to decorate the small balcony start with wall and create a vertical garden. Here are some more small balcony decoration ideas to whet your appetite for inspiration.

20. Pergola in the garden with hanging lights

A pergola in the terrace with soft light seeping through hidden sources to create a perfect ambiance for complete relaxation.

Pergola for daytime enjoyment

2​1. Pool in the balcony

Hot or cold, it doesn’t matter but you will surely enjoy your own private pool right in your balcony.

22. Breakfast in the balcony

Among the needs for balcony designs, Indian architects and designers consider basking in the morning sun an important one. It can be done while enjoying morning tea in the company of loved ones.

​23. Living wall making the deck alive

Living wall standing in guard and luxury spread on the deck; welcome your guest in style.

24. Sound of water in the balcony

Rattan furniture, cane lampshade hanging from above and delicate sound of music from the fountains; perfect for romantic getaway. For tiled wall decoration ideas like this connect with professionals that know the right materials.

25. Walled balcony

This is among the unusual but creative balcony ideas for enjoying the sunshine while maintaining privacy. This design keeps the fresh air flowing through the house while keeping out the dust and grime.

Balconies can be decorated to be a paradise for foodies

Foodies’ delight this is a perfect cozy environment to party and enjoy with family and friends. With shutters closed it will bring the outside inside the home.

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The balcony as a casual relaxation zone

The roof of this balcony is partly covered by green vines and partly by the false ceiling to protect the bench from elements and harsh sunlight during daytime. This is an ideal balcony decoration when you spend little time in the area but want it to look smart and attractive like other parts of the house.

Which of these balcony decoration ideas did you like the best? Do let us know in your comments below.

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