7 ideas to decorate the living room on a budget

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Decorating the living room can be a serious, expensive business. But there are ways to avoid big expenditures! This idea book consists of ideas with a low budget that are excellent for making your home look beautiful and welcoming. The key here is that these decoration ideas cost a little but looks like an expensive concept. This trick will definitely help you make the perfect home—without wasting all your money! Let's have a look, shall we? 

1. Simple with a little surprise

Minimalism and simplicity have always been a great way to decorate space according to budget. But does it have to be boring? No! Add an eclectic wallpaper to one of the walls of the room or just use something bright to frame the window. The end result will amaze you!

2. Plants in the living room

Indoor plants can add a light touch to each room. This is especially true if you choose tropical plants for home decoration. We like how this room has been designed to give a very tropical feel. Wooden and white furniture along with plants create a lively atmosphere. For more inspiration, here are 23 tips for decorating with plants.

3. A soothing color

You don't always need luxury furniture to create a relaxed atmosphere. Choosing the right color for your wall is all that is needed. We loved the way the living room is decorated by a simple mural of the map of the world. The combination of blue and white on the wall along with simple and stylish furniture looks perfect.

4. Minimalist and creative

DIY will always come to save you when you need something with a low budget. Brick wall exposures are characteristic of decorations in industrial style. Combine this with a little chandelier and a wall that displays your creativity. For more inspiration, here are 6 minimalist living room ideas.

5. Old is new

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Rustic elements are embraced in the decoration of this room. Wood floors with herringbone pattern, exposed to wooden ceiling beams and wooden furniture eventually created a classy look for the entire room. If you want to use this idea for your home, be sure to use wooden furniture with lots of cushions. For more inspiration, here are 9 ideas to decorate your living room.

6. Rural charm

Sometimes you have to work rather hard to find furniture pieces that blend well. But when it works, it's really worth the effort. Be sure to allow natural light in so you can spend Sunday morning lazing around with a book. For more ideas, here are 8 living room couches for Indian homes.

7. Wall decorations that pop

Everyone has imagination in their heads about how they want their living room or bedroom to look. With this in mind, imagine if pictures on the wall popped out of the wall. After all, wall decoration need not have to lay flat on the wall. 

We hope you've been inspired by the ideas here. For more related topics, have a look at create an industrial style for your living room.

Which living room decoration did you like best? 

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