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Modern designs from this apartment in Chennai

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An apartment offers an exceptional opportunity to design the perfect elevation for a home. In fact, it is the identity of a building and by doing your best to make the apartment distinctive and unique, you are giving character and style to the building. Here, the architects of SYNERGY ARCHITECTURE AND INTERIORS, Chennai have managed to create a seamless and effortless design for this impressive structure. The use of modern elements such as glass, metal and wood keep the design modern and appealing.

Great presence

The apartment building creates a presence for itself amongst the trees and the quaint little neighbourhood. Simple lines and a thoughtful addition of interesting designs, makes the exteriors stand out. A skilful use of wood windows in a design that is modern and contemporary makes for an impressive view from the outside.

Impressive balconies

A closer look reveals the beauty of the balconies. Smart glass facades bordered by steel, make for a very modern approach to design in this part of the home. The balcony compliments the windows wonderfully creating the right contrasts in terms of colour and textures. The grills for the gates also seem to be in line with the theme and the design.

Simple exteriors

By avoiding glamour or any ornamentation, the architects have kept the focus on simple exteriors focusing on an elevation that exudes a unique charm. The understated style is visible in the usage of subtle Greystone and white combination in the exterior wall. This makes the apartment conspicuous and impressive in its surroundings.

Attention to detail

Designing a home has to be fluid in the sense that it is able to accommodate the personal style of the homeowners while keeping the look modern and functional. Here, the architects have used wood for the balustrade and combined it with glass to present a more eclectic look. The granite used of the floor complements the overall look for this space.

Creative use of space

Here, the area next to the staircase has been used wonderfully to include display areas. These shelves have been finished in wood giving it a traditional and rustic feel. The small antique mirror which has been put on the wall opposite to the stairs is impressive and goes with the overall theme of this space.

Minimalistic living room

Nothing signifies traditional as much as an antique swing does. Here, the swing takes centre stage as it occupies a place of pride in the middle of this room. A subtle and light shade for the walls acts as the perfect canvas for the accents and the furniture in the room. Here, the modern leather couch works well with the simple wooden sofas to present a consistent theme. A tall antique cabinet stands tall and pretty at the far end while a cane chair adds a cute charm to the mix.

Emphasis on wood

This area looks magnificent thanks to the heavy use of wood. With the design leaning towards the traditional and rustic-chic, the home looks inviting and warm. The soft lighting adds the perfect charm to any space. Here, the furnishing seems to have been chosen to match the soft undertones present in the room. The dining space is ideal for family dinners and the buffet table that sits against the wall has an antique and rustic look to it.10 ideas of functional and decorative window grills.

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