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When there is lack of sufficient living space, home builders often cut down bathroom space to make other rooms more spacious. And most people accept this without a choice as a bathroom is a functional space where you refresh yourself every single day. But having tiny bathrooms does not mean they have to be messy or depressing.

Most bathrooms depicted in home decor magazines may be bigger than your entire house! What smaller bathrooms need is a little bit of imagination and intelligent ideas. At times, even with less than a few feet of leftover open space, you may get to fit in a sleek bathtub! You just have to find the right person to do it for you.

Small bathroom spaces can be cleverly used to flaunt your creativity by fitting in everything you need without cluttering. So here are some easy hacks to get started.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Using mirrors can give a feeling of more light and space in small washrooms. Go for standard mirrors that are square or rectangle. Where possible you can try using multiple mirrors in a horizontal arrangement on the wall, and have a small functional mirror placed by your sink. The multiple mirrors make the bathroom feel roomy while the functional mirror comes handy for shaving and makeup.

Or else, go for a mirror that spans the entire length of the wall above your sink. If your sink is in a corner, you can choose a huge mirror for a spacious feel. Make sure that the natural and artificial light sources in your bathroom are focused on your mirror so that your face is well lit when you are looking at it. Take a hint from the bright, airy bathroom pictured above.

Don’t forget to add something organic

Adding natural elements to your bathroom is very simple. Indoor plants can add a lovely dash of freshness and colour to a well lit corner in the bathroom by the window. Place the plant either on the window sill or on a high shelf. Opt for a ceramic pot or a rustic mud finished container depending on your bathroom’s finishing and overall look.

A small painting representing organic elements can work wonders for one of the bathroom walls. After all, not everyone thinks of adding artworks to a bathroom so you can easily stand out with this trick. You could even place some seashells, or a stone bowl filled with colourful pebbles, or an odd shaped rock or maybe a bunch of dead branches!

Light-hued walls for a roomy ambiance

If you get your bathroom colours right, it can visually expand your space. Bathroom walls can fully or partially be covered in white tiles with hints of blue or grey to achieve an elegant appearance. While you pick the wall colour don’t forget the floor! Create a seamless feel between the floor and walls by picking tiles in the same palette.

But remember that lighter shades require regular cleaning and maintenance. Bathrooms tend to get messy everyday with toothpaste splatters, oil spills and such. If you are not in favour of white walls, then go for a lighter shade of blue or grey.

A mirror cabinet is a wonderful idea

Modern mirror cabinets are great for storing your bathroom essentials. In tiny bathrooms medicine cabinets with mirror doors serve dual purpose, and save space too. We suggest that you store only what is absolutely essential in them. Find space for everything else in your closet or other cabinets around your home. Bathroom mirrors can be made to look sleeker by with no frame and a cleverly hidden handle on one end. Natural feel can be infused into a bathroom by adding a classic wooden framed mirror complete with a wooden cabinet.

Consider shiny tiles for small bathrooms

Bathroom tiles are offered in both matte and glossy finishes. Just like mirrors, shiny light coloured tiles allow room for reflection thereby creating an illusion of spaciousness. If you choose to have glossy tiles, cover slippery areas with rugs. Being slippery is a common complain people have with this type of tiles. You can also ask your contractor for non-slippery gloss finish tiles which have a rubber-like texture for extra grip.

Also keep in mind that it is hard to match gloss finished wall tiles with matte floor tiles. But gloss finish tiles may eventually lose some of their sheen over years which and start to complement the walls.

Wall hung sinks are the order of the day

Showcase your creativity and innovativeness with wall hung bathroom sinks. They can increase floor space and look sleek at the same time. You obviously have to trade off the under-sink storage space but in return you will get a roomier toilet that is easier to clean.

Try picking a lean rectangular sink with a minimalistic faucet that can enhance the style quotient of your washroom in a jiffy. Often, it can become the focal point of the bathroom. Go for a textured stone finish sink or a model like a narrow glass bottomed dome which can add visual interest. Fit your sink with a rod for hanging towels in a neat fashion.

Bathroom faucets have potential too

Contemporary minimalist faucets exude style and sophistication. For instance, centerset bathroom faucets use space efficiently and can be accommodated in just about any sink with two handles for hot and cold on either side. If the water temperature is not a problem, you can add a simple and thin faucet with a single handle.  

The right faucet can transform the way a bathroom looks and turn it into a luxurious getaway despite the space crunch. Check out the best brands in the market if money is no object. Affordable versions are available too.

So you see that, tiny bathrooms can be given a quick facelift without having to burn a hole in your pocket. Follow the abovementioned tips to change the way you look at your small bathroom. Here is another ideabook for inspiration – Small bathroom design ideas.

Which idea from here inspired you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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