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Pros and Cons of Floor to Ceiling Windows

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If you have a large wall, you're not sure what to do with, installing a big floor to ceiling windows might just be the perfect solution. A plain, boring wall could be a window to the world instead. Floor to ceiling windows offer a full-length view of the outside, making the separation between the exteriors and the interiors less prominent. They also allow more light into the house and can make spaces seem bigger than they are. There are several other advantages and disadvantages of floor to ceiling windows that will be discussed in this idea book. We welcome you to join us and continue reading for more information and inspiration. You will also discover a compilation of beautiful floor to ceiling window designs to copy here. 

The advantages of floor to ceiling windows

Not only do they look great, but they also offer a feeling of spaciousness and freshness to the room. This is especially true if you have a nice view outside the window to look at. Imagine how awesome it would be to have such an unrestricted view of the outside world from the comfort of your living room. Floor to ceiling windows also add aesthetic value to the facade of the house and opens up the interiors of the house to the outside world. 

Frame and glazing

The frame and glazing that you select will also add into the expenses. Opting for energy effective products like insulated frames and low-e finishes can be very expensive but worth the while in the long-run. 

Floor to ceiling windows which are energy effective are both very sought-after these days, so your rate of investment will mostly likely increase quite a bit due to these new improvements. Sliding glass doors are also another great alternative. For more information, here are 6 benefits of sliding glass doors for your home.

Cost of floor to ceiling windows

There are many different types of floor to ceiling windows, and the cost can vary from expensive to cheap depending on the quality of the materials being used and the design brand. 

The most affordable type of floor to ceiling windows are usually made out of vinyl or fiberglass, which are the cheapest materials in the market. However if you prefer quality and can afford a higher cost, then a fully customized wooden floor to ceiling window may look better. You can also add some extra features like double pane, glazing options, slider, and custom shape to make it more unique, but bear in mind that it will cost you more than the regular price.

These windows should be set up according to the requirements and measurements of your home, so it can be challenging to identify a specific expense, which is why it's best to consult with experts and professionals in this field. 

The disadvantages of floor to ceiling windows

One of the main disadvantages is that large windows may disturb personal privacy and let in too much of light into the house, making it uncomfortable and glaring. However, this problem can easily be solved by using blinds or curtains. For more ideas, here are 6 stunning curtain designs for large windows.

In terms of safety and security, having big windows or window walls means that you will have to take extra measures such as installing window protectors so that it cannot be broken or cracked easily. This may add to the cost of floor to ceiling windows significantly. 

Wide windows with narrow frames

Wide windows are sometimes best balances with narrow frames, such as pictured here. The frames also give the facade more definition and make it stand out more. 

We hope you've been inspired by the window layouts here. For more idea like this, please have a look at 12 amazing designs for external windows.

Arched floor to ceiling windows

Floor to ceiling windows come in various shapes and sizes—arched with a geometric shape being one of them. Big arched windows can give a home a nostalgic, classy feel. It also adds more organic lines to the architecture of the home. 

Another disadvantage of large windows is unlike walls, they have to be cleaned. Dirty windows are horrible and unsightly so make sure to maintain them well. Here are 7 tips to keep glass windows and panels clean.

The staircase area

Floor to ceiling windows are a brilliant idea for dark areas of the house such as the staircase area. This way you can save on electricity and also create a nicer and brighter space. If you plan to have a small indoor garden, it would be great to have the extra sunlight coming in too. 

Tinted at the top

Large windows that are tinted at the top are also a great idea if you prefer to have your windows bare without any curtains or blinds. To prevent an uncomfortable glare, it is best to have the top part of the window tinted. Stained glass is another option, but it can be very expensive. For more information, please refer to our article titled introducing stained glass in the home

Which window designs did you like the best? 

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