9 shades and ideas for your childrens' room

homify Eclectic style nursery/kids room
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When your children are unique then why their room shouldn’t be too? Pink and blue are too predictable and boring and soon they will outgrow them to pursuit their own colors. In fact in modern sense it could be considered to be ‘sexist’. So why not color the room of your child in the color matching and complementing his/her personality. Give wings to their imagination and let them explore and pick up the colors of life they want instead of defining and classifying the choices based on gender. Today we have deliberately left pink and blue out and brought other colorful ideas to fill the children’s room with colorful dreams. Whether you are new parents or are planning to renovate your children’s room, let’s take a stroll to get some inspiration before taking a final call. Have a look!

1. Joy of parenthood

Residence homify Eclectic style nursery/kids room



It’s an amazing feeling to be a parent. Express your happiness and let it spread in your kid’s room. White will make the room light and bright and every other color will simply pop-out at its best in back ground. Choose white as the prime color and make it a canvas to paint your kid’s favorites on the wall.

2. The shine of yellow

Chaitanya Vila, Image N Shape Image N Shape Modern nursery/kids room Wood-Plastic Composite Transparent Window,Wood,Fixture,Building,Interior design,Shade,Flooring,Window blind,Floor,Picture frame
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Chaitanya Vila

Image N Shape

Yellow is a happy color and surely fill the room with sunshine brightness. Combine yellow with soft pastel or white to balance off the brightness and add cool quotient in the room of growing children.

3. Floating in the sea of colors

The charm of purple knows no boundary of gender and age. It’s attractive and can be made more by complementing it with the colors of sea. The visual affect created by painting on the wall here is enchanting and the child of the home will love to host his/her friend in this beautiful surrounding.

4. The shade of grey

It’s modern and will remain so all through the growing up years of your child. Add the color through the accessories and furnishing and let the wall remain calm and cool in different shades of grey.

Dominated with grey and complemented by the brightness of yellow

5. Happy hue of green

Interiors, 3DBricks 3DBricks Modern study/office



There is something soothing about green. It is soothing and has calming effect on mind and soul. Color the room of your children in different hues of green to calm down the bubbly energy and provide a peaceful environment. Even Vastu recommends green color for kid’s room.

6. The magical monochrome

DLF Woodland Heights, 3 BHK - Mrs. Darakshan, DECOR DREAMS DECOR DREAMS Teen bedroom

DLF Woodland Heights, 3 BHK—Mrs. Darakshan


The magic of black and white will be loved by children too. You just need to use it in a right way to decorate the room. Take a clue from here and paint and make it as adorable as your child.

7. Ripple of rainbow on the wall

Kids Bedroom homify Eclectic style nursery/kids room

Kids Bedroom


It looks like your naughty kid threw a stone creating a ripple on rainbow. It’s full of lively color and still maintains its uniqueness like your child. He or she, your kid will surely love it.

​8. Black magic with a splash of style

KIDS BEDROOM VIEW 1 homify Modern nursery/kids room



Black is a powerful color and has to be used smartly or else it could be overwhelming. Black in its subdued shade covers the wall and is overpowered by the colors of framed picture and accessories displayed. However, even though black is dominating the space what immediately grabs our attention is brightness of colors splattered around.

​9. Connecting to roots

​Tagore Garden Residence, New Delhi, Mads Creations Mads Creations Modern nursery/kids room White
Mads Creations

​Tagore Garden Residence, New Delhi

Mads Creations

Connect your kid to your childhood memories and bring home the Vintage charm right into their room. Though the space lacks real color but still is full of colors of life waiting to be explored.

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What other ideas would you like to see for children's rooms? Let us know and we will be there with it.

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