9 ideas to incorporate vintage charm in your home décor

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Home is a dream comes true and we all want to decorate it our way. There is no dearth of modern home décor ideas neither on internet nor in the local high end stores or ordinary outlets of your town. But still there is something about our past that keeps us pulling toward it; maybe it’s a good old memory that we find comforting and want to carry with us forever making it a part of our life. The style from bygone era which we didn’t value much in our ancestral homes have now become a fad and earned a name of ‘Vintage style’ in modern times. If you want to give your home a customised look with a personal touch then this is the style to incorporate in your home décor. Bringing home the vintage style in home design basically means falling in love with your heritage again. The beauty with the vintage style is that it will never go out of style and make your home warm and cozy creating a feeling of being ‘at home’ always…

So whether you love antiques or want to connect with the old style to rediscover you in it, we have brought for you something sensational, something stylish and something vintage to last forever… Have a look!

​Reasons to bring in vintage style for your modern home

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The simple reason to go for vintage in your home décor could be because you love it. But still if you are looking for more reasons to justify your choice then we are here with reasons in your support:

·         It will bring in fun and frolic in your home and will keep the décor fresh and chic for long.

·         It will always be unique speaking of your exquisite taste and style.

·     It is eco-friendly where you can recycle and reuse the items and make the style statement and centre of attraction of your home.

·         It also means supporting local artisans. All you need is to explore.

·          It’s like going for treasure hunt while travelling and finding something unique in your adventure to adorn your home.

·         You don’t have to shell out substantial amount of your money in designing your home in vintage style. You may also find amazing items at good price in thrift shops and flea markets.

​1. Vintage style making its statement

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Burst Chandelier in Modern Living Room

Jainsons Emporio

Make your living room ‘the talk of the town’ by giving it a vintage transformation. It all depends on your creativity how you incorporate each element and bring the style together. High ceiling in layers, hanging lamps looking like lanterns hanging in rural homes, table lamp with a twist and coffee table with wheels, single chair with high backrest and then a telescope to complete the décor; this space in lauding the vintage heritage of modern home.

2. Burst of colours

Wooden Cabinet Dezinebox Office spaces & stores Wood Multicolored

Wooden Cabinet


Enter this room and you will be transformed into a different era. Rustic cupboards bursting in colours adorn the open brick wall of which the black electrical wire is the only embellishment. Natural texture and colour of study tables is giving it aperfect feel and look of the bygone era.

3. Gracefully functional

Wash basin in social area of our home needs an exclusive attention for obvious reasons. Why not take inspiration from here and give it a vintage look and then decorate it with mirror and lamps to complement and enhance the beauty of the space following the same theme.

​4. Mosaic on the wall

Break the monotony of same colour stone with mosaic on the wall to give your kitchen a vintage touch. Complete the look by choosing the style of lamp from the era you want to recreate in your kitchen.

5. Bathroom with a touch of elegance

Believe it or not; vintage look definitely make the space look elegant. The deliberate vintage look thought and then executed well in this bathroom has made it special. Use of Kota stone, bamboo in cabinets, open brick wall and wrought iron covering the windows and even forming as the toilet paper holder has reduced the cost of construction but has enhanced the elegance of the bathroom and made it fabulous. 

6. Old is really gold

Temple Bells - Arati and Sundaresh's Residence, Sandarbh Design Studio Sandarbh Design Studio Eclectic style bedroom
Sandarbh Design Studio

Temple Bells—Arati and Sundaresh's Residence

Sandarbh Design Studio

Retain your grandmother furniture and revive it to design your bedroom. Old furniture is strong, sturdy and priceless. With exclusive intricate carvings it will bring exclusivity in your bedroom design. Complement it with wooden floor and flaunt your style with grace.

7. All you need is creativity

daybed ZERO9 Balconies, verandas & terraces Furniture



The beauty with old furniture is that it can gel with modern design and décor with elan; you only need an imagination and creativity to make the most of it. The old style diwan can fit into your modern décor like a celebrity grabbing all the attention and holding a place of prominence. Try it!

8. Weaving the story around

Cafe Project - Just Bing'ge - A Budget Cafe, Dezinebox Dezinebox Walls & flooringPictures & frames

Cafe Project—Just Bing'ge—A Budget Cafe


Select one piece for your vintage style and then weave a story around it. You can get this old style clock from the thrift shop and then decorate the space making it the hero.

Magical weave around the antique pieces of your ancestors

entrance area ZERO9 Country style living room

entrance area


9. Royal feel of the era

Think vintage and we cannot ignore regal and royalty associated with it. It was an era of elaborate style with elite touch of style. Recreate the golden period once again in golden hue on walls. Bring in the majestic charm in the form of accessories and furniture and furnishing and bask in the glory of antique charm.

Here are the ideas to help you in combining rustic charm with your modern decor: 10 ideas to combine rustic and modern styles in your home decor10 ideas to combine rustic and modern styles in your home decor

We think that the vintage style is adopted beautifully in modern decor. What is your favorite design among these?

Discover home inspiration!