Are you guilty of these 8 bedroom design mistakes?

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We all know the importance of ensuring the right seating for a living room, the right-sized table in the dining area, and adequate lighting for a gloomy hallway. But what do these three spaces all have in common? They are on public display to guests, meaning that we tend to put a little extra effort into their designs to ensure visitors are comfy and cosy.

So, that brings us to the most private area in any home: the bedroom. And seeing as our bedrooms aren’t as open and welcoming to visitors as the living room, we tend to overlook the importance of proper furnishings and décor for our sleeping spaces. Big mistake!

Thus, if you are still under the impression that all you need for a perfect bedroom is a decent mattress, then consider this article written just for you!

Let’s see how to avoid these 8 bedroom design mistakes…

Bedroom design mistake #1: No storage

We all know that sleeping is only one of the activities that take place in a bedroom. Another is dressing, which means that adequate space for clothing (and a variety of accompanying accessories) is vital to avoid clutter. 

But our options extend far beyond a decent-sized closet or wardrobe, which still doesn’t seem to be enough for most of us. Thus, consider other ideas like storage boxes under the bed, built-in storage compartments, bespoke cubbies added to your closet, an extra rod in your wardrobe for hanging a few more clothing pieces, wall knobs for coats and handbags, wall shelving, floating shelves…

Bedroom design mistake #2: The wrong bedside table

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Bhavin Taylor Design

Gloucester Road Penthouse

Bhavin Taylor Design

We pondered on whether or not to include this one as part of ‘storage’, but in the end we decided that even though bedside tables can help out with storage, they are so important that they deserve their own section!

It doesn’t matter what you use for a bedside table – even stacked suitcase can make for a unique piece – but opting for something in the wrong size and style is one of the most common bedroom design mistakes. For the right height, choose a table that’s the same level as your mattress’ top. Otherwise reaching for something on the table (whether it’s a book, your phone or a glass of water) will just feel off.

Bedroom design mistake #3: Bad lighting

Like any other room in your home, the bedroom needs a mixture of different lighting sources (layered lighting) to make it not only acceptably illuminated, but also practical. The best way is to mix both task- and adjustable ambient lighting, but to determine what type of task lighting is required, first consider how you use your bedroom. Then, design your lighting around it. 

If you regularly read in bed at night, opt for a bedside lamp or wall sconce for proper illumination. We recommend a soft, shaded lamp with an adjustable dimmer that lets you control the amount of brightness desired.

Bedroom design mistake #4: Not focusing on comfort

Let’s not forget that the bedroom is meant to revitalise and relax us; thus, a proper amount of comfort is required. 

In addition to buying the best mattress you can afford (and changing it every eight years), ensure your pillows aid in a good night’s sleep (regardless of whether you prefer feathers, memory foam, or something else).

Bedroom design mistake #5: No colour

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Oriental Mosaic


Here we need to exclaim that different personalities and styles will call for different colour schemes. If you feel totally relaxed and at peace with a beige-and-white colour palette, then so be it. But bear in mind that you are not forced to stick with neutral or earthy colours for your bedroom. 

Many people take advantage of the fact that their bedrooms are private spaces, meant to be seen by only themselves, by experimenting with bold colours and bright patterns – and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

Whatever colours you wish to bring into your sleeping space, just ensure they aid in a tranquil and calming effect, regardless of whether you’re dozing, reading, or getting dressed.

Bedroom design mistake #6: Overlooking your floor

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A33SOME CGI Studio

​Nottingham NG11 by A33SOME

A33SOME CGI Studio

As we tend to be barefoot in the bedroom, most people opt for carpet and/or layered rugs to ensure a soft underfoot effect. After all, there is nothing better than stepping onto a lush floor surface early in the morning! 

But if you are not too keen on carpet or rugs, wood is another popular flooring choice. Just make sure the finishing, texture, pattern and colour complements the rest of your bedroom’s design.

homify hint: In love with your bedroom’s wooden (or tiled) floor, but still longing for something soft to step on? Opt for a gorgeous rug below your bed, ensuring it sticks out far enough so you don’t step onto a chilly floor on those cold winter mornings. Of course it’s also possible to place a runner on each side of the bed if your dream rug just isn’t big enough.

Bedroom design mistake #7: Not blocking the light

A lot of us are fairly sensitive to light and are disturbed by the tiniest bit of sunlight filtering into our bedrooms. For this problem we recommend blackout linings for those curtains or blinds. But remember that some sunshine can still creep in around the edges of those blackout blinds/curtains, so ensure they cover the entire window to avoid a bright surprise the next morning.

Bedroom design mistake #8: Too much furniture

Last but definitely not least, far too many people think of their bedrooms as showrooms that need to flaunt a range of furnishings. Here’s a hint: they don’t. A lot of bedrooms tend to be quite small, which lessens the amount of pieces we can bring in. And once you slot in a decent-sized bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, and a cute little chair in the corner, there usually isn’t much space left for walking! 

Only invest in bedroom pieces that add functionality to the space, like additional storage (i.e. a chest of drawers). And remember that certain designs help to create the illusion of more space and a cleaner style, like minimalism – see if you can’t opt for a bed and bedside table in this design instead of an overly decorated classic/traditional one. 

And if there really isn’t space for a cushy armchair on which you’d like to sit while putting on your shoes, let it go. A cluttered bedroom, which is meant to make you feel calm and relaxed, is not worth it!

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